The 'SVU' Episode Based On Trump Needs To Air ASAP

For those of us still holding out hope that something may eventually come between Donald Trump and the White House, the chances of that happening are getting more and more slim. Right now it seems like the only thing that might work is if the Electoral College decides, in a rather unprecedented move, to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Trump. Hey, It could happen — especially if more damning information about the president-elect comes to America’s attention in the meantime. That’s why, when I read on Deadline on Wednesday that the Law & Order: SVU episode based on Trump and the women he allegedly assaulted was postponed indefinitely, I just about lost my mind. Trump has denied all allegations of sexual assault and unwanted touching and kissing.

Listen, I get that scheduling is tough, but so is a botched election. That is why I’ve been holding out hope in the last 24 hours that the SVU episode called "Unstoppable," which is reportedly based off of actual events in Trump’s candidacy, would air soon. Maybe watching a fictionalized version of Trump on our televisions would help to stir up the outcry that this case and these allegations against our president-elect should. That's exactly why the SVU episode based on Trump’s own campaign should premiere before the Electoral College votes on Dec. 19.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are a number of women who have come forward and accused Trump of sexually aggressive and assaultive behavior. The president-elect has denied these accusations and even threatened to sue for defamation. But with the number of women accusing Trump of unwanted sexual advances now reaching double digits, a show like SVU could do a lot of important work in bringing these issues back to the forefront. And that’s significant, especially when you consider how doing so could potentially influence the way the Electoral College votes in December.

While Deadline predicts that the episode won't air until 2017 (given various pre-scheduled specials), I'm not losing hope. If you'll recall, the episode originally was supposed to hit TV screens on Oct. 7, but was rescheduled to Oct. 26 before being swapped again to Nov. 16. Now, that air date isn't happening either. These changes were attributed to various causes, according to Deadline, ranging from the growing allegations against Trump to the World Series. Regardless, I'm still rooting for it to air before Trump's potential inauguration in January.

It’s not a guarantee that a fictional crime show could have any real impact on our political process, but for those of us who are outraged by the idea of a man who was recorded talking about helping himself to women's bodies becoming the leader of our country, any shred of hope helps.