13 Valuable Lessons From Big Relationship Mistakes

It's impossible to have a relationship without making a fair number of mistakes. But the silver lining is that the biggest mistakes we make in relationships can teach us a lot. And, even better, learning the biggest mistakes other people have made in relationships can prevent us from making them ourselves.

So, I found out what people learned from the biggest mistakes they've made in their relationships, and several themes emerged. One of the things people seem to regret the most is devoting themselves to other people who didn't deserve it. Another seems to be settling for relationships that didn't feel right. Several people said they stayed with someone longer that they should have because they felt obligated or felt like it should work when in reality, it wasn't working.

If we're going to take something away from this, then, perhaps it's to hold our partners and relationships to high standards and make sure not to lose ourselves in them. People seem to regret not being picky enough more than they regret being picky. But let's get into the specifics. Here are a few relationship mistakes other people learned from that you might be able to learn from too.

1. Susan, 61


2. David, 43

3. Sabrina, 35


4. Danielle, 28

5. Robin, 35


6. Bri, 24

7. Monica, 37


8. Rowan, 40

9. Shara, 38


10. Shannon, 38

11. Vincent, 25


12. Jen, 40

13. Lauren, 32


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