New Photos Of Moore Manor Show Kenya's Home Has Come A Long Way Since The 'RHOA' Premiere

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 premiere took place at a very rushed and slightly sad housewarming party in Kenya Moore's Moore Manor, which was, to be blunt, totally unprepared for a social gathering. It was almost painful to watch Kenya's rushed crew forced to do hasty, last minute finishes on the house, which looked like it was basically doing as much damage as it was making it appropriate for a party. The air conditioning wasn't working, the driveway was a mess where all of the women's high heels kept getting stuck, and a red carpet couldn't disguise the lack of landscaping, but photos of what Moore Manor looks like now will put your (or, at least, my) concerns about whether or not Kenya is living in a habitable home to rest.

In fact, now that it's been months since the RHOA Season 9 premiere was filmed, Moore Manor actually looks quite beautiful... and I must admit, I haven't seen nearly as many photos of Chateau Shereé from Ms. Whitfield, who was enjoying how shoddy Kenya's housewarming party was on the premiere. Right now, it looks like Moore Manor has the advantage — your move, Shereé. Here are some photos of the house's various features that show it's come a long way since that housewarming.

The Walk-In Closet

Huge closet, lovely lighting, good details (which were sorely missing during the party) and, for some reason, a cardboard cutout of Kenya winning Miss USA. OK!

Living Room

The furniture and design look the same as during the party, but now, the cable is hooked up and no one is sweating because of bad climate control. And the decor complements the stark white furniture.

Dining Room/Kitchen

Somehow spotlessly clean despite the omnipresent white surfaces. Also note — somehow that huge marble slab of a kitchen island kind of works when in context, while it made the Manor look a bit like a spaceship before Kenya was able to move all of her stuff into the space.

Cynthia's Gift

Those pillows, emblazoned with the names of Kenya's dogs, King and Twirl, were a gift from Cynthia in the RHOA premiere. Now, they've found a home near chairs that go along with the rest of the modern vibe of the house and a rare pop of color with that bold yellow rug.

The Lighting & The View

A closeup on the light fixture in the living room, where you can also see the view of the woods that surround Moore Manor.

The Bathroom

Now, out of all of the details in Moore Manor, this one is a little bit impractical. No shower? Marble everywhere? Feels a little bit impersonal.

The... Toilet

Some people splurge on a fancy kitchen, others on a huge closet, or a beautiful bathtub. Kenya? She decided to go all out for the fanciest non-gold toilet that money can buy, and it certainly looks like she got her money's worth. Moore Manor may not have had the grandest debut on RHOA, but now, it looks like Kenya has put together her dream home.

Image: Mark Hill/Bravo