When Is OFRA's Blissful Holiday Highlighter Available? It's Part Of A Set That's Coming Soon — PHOTOS

The holiday season is the best and most appropriate time to play with glitter products and to show off additional glow. You can and should highlight facial features, your shoulders, your back, your décolletage, your arms, your cleavage, your cupid's bow, and more! OFRA's Blissful highlighter is part of the brand's upcoming holiday set and it will heartily assist you with this task. The brand teased the pinwheel-shaped pan on Snapchat and Instagram and it's absolutely gorge! It's packed with shimmer and the color is golden. When is OFRA's holiday set, featuring the Blissful highlighter, available to buy?

According to the brand's Instagram caption, the new highlighter, whose name was revealed via Snapchat, along with swatches, will be available next week. It's part of the company's exclusive holiday set. While we don't know the exact date or what else is in the OFRA holiday set, the sneak peek of Blissful certainly has makeup junkies completely and totally at attention. We'll stay tuned to the OFRA socials next week for more deets and looks at the holiday set. We also reached out to OFRA reps for more details.

Update: Blissful is limited edition and is part of OFRA's Sleigh the Holiday Gift Set, out Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 10 a.m. ET. It also contains a few of the brand's most celebrated products in one convenient value package.

There's also the Atlantic City liquid lipstick, which is a classic red, and this set marks the return of the limited edition Versailles liquid lipstick, which was discontinued but remains OFRA's most popular LE product. It also boasts Vitamin C Cream, the Universal Eyebrow Pencil, and OFRA Pencil Sharpener.

Blissful looks more rose gold than OFRA's previously issued Rodeo Drive highlighter, which is aces. It's a jaw dropper, though, isn't it? From the pigmentation to the product's ridges to the compact, it's a gem. OFRA specializes in liquid lippies and highlighters, so of course lipsticks are involved in the holiday offering. Blissful is not currently available for purchase on its own. But perhaps it will get an encore? Maybe?

Here's the Snap confirming the highlighter's status as part of the holiday collection.

This Snapchatted swatch really shows how it looks on skin.

There is the name reveal, which OFRA noted in it's Insta caption.

It's another lovely highlighter option from OFRA. You will be able to effectively get your glow on this holiday season thanks to Blissful.

Rose gold is one of the hottest colors of 2016 and it's effectively captured here. Blissfull is officially a golden-bronze with rose undertones and was created specifically for this set. Its luminosity comes from the liquid to baked technology and high grade pearls. You can use it as an eyeshadow or even a blush topper.

Images: OFRA Cosmetics/Instagram (1); OFRA Snapchat (3); Courtesy of OFRA (3)