7 Feminist Merch Products To Buy, Because Smashing The Patriarchy Is More Important Than Ever

Many are upset, devastated even, by the election of Donald Trump as President-elect. His divisive campaign has left many fearful of their future. However, if Hillary Clinton taught women anything — and she taught us a lot — it's that we keep fighting. These seven pieces of feminist merchandise are going to be a very visible, outer showing of how feminist agendas won't be stopped, that we'll continue attempting to break the highest glass, and we'll support each other.

Showing support for other women has become imperative in a climate that seems to denigrate women's achievements and reduce them to mere objects. With the election of a man who has bragged about sexually assaulting women and chosen a running mate with a long history of restricting women's reproductive rights. Basically, it's a hard time to be a woman, and while wearing a shirt that says feminist doesn't exactly cause waves in the world, it is a sign that we won't stop fighting for equality.

Plus, by carrying your feminist pride with you — on the outside, that is — you make a statement that feminist isn't a dirty. It isn't something to be ashamed of, and maybe, you'll encourage another woman to do the same.

Plus, hello cute feminist merchandise.

1. Nasty Woman

Nasty Woman Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project, $25, OMAZE

Join Samantha Bee in her support of Planned Parenthood and remind everyone that you are #withher.

2. Planned Parenthood Tee

Planned Parenthood Crew Neck T-shirt, $15, Planned Parenthood

With reproductive rights probably soon to be under attack, support Planned Parenthood.

3. End Rape Culture

Unlearn Sexism, End Rape Culture Tote Bag, $25, Feminist Apparel

With a President-Elect who bragged about sexually assaulting women, this message is more important than ever.

4. Feminist Phone Case

Feminist Phone Case, $26, Look Human

Use it proudly.

5. Nineteenth Amendment

Nineteenth Amendment Keychain, $9, Etsy

Considering Repeal the 19th was trending during election season, time to embrace our right.

6. Keep Fighting

Nasty Women Keep Fighting, $30, Look Human


7. Feminist AF

Feminist as Fuck Quote Cuff, $28, Etsy

100 percent proud.

Rock your feminist gear proudly Sister Suffragettes, and stay proud!

Images: Courtesy of brands