This One Makeup Label Hack Will Change Your Beauty Game Forever

The labels on your makeup can tell you all sorts of things you need to know. From how to use the product to its all important ingredient list, skipping reading the label is a mistake. However, the one makeup label hack you need to know is one that not everyone has heard about, and it's not exactly an obvious sign. If you've ever wondered when your makeup is going to go bad, this is the hack you need.

If you've ever noticed, there's a small container icon located on the label of your makeup or on the box that it comes inside. Inside the small icon, you'll find a number followed by an M. As it turns out, that's your expiration date. For example, if you see 24M inside the container icon, your product expires in twenty four months. If you're looking at a 6M, you've got six months to use it or lose it. If figuring out when to stop using that foundation you've had forever was difficult, this hack is the answer.

While makeup addicts may know this little bit of knowledge already, it's great for those of us who didn't quite know when to trash our old products.

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Plus, knowing when to toss expired makeup can save you a ton of pain in the future. While using expired makeup won't do you serious harm, it could definitely affect your skin. Using expired foundation, for example, could increase your exposure to germs which could lead to skin issues.

If you threw away the box that your makeup product came in and have no clue when you bought it, don't worry too much. There are signs to look for that will indicate when to throw out your products. If colors shift or smells start to change, it may be time to get rid of that last bit of lipstick.

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Looking carefully at your labels and searching for the expiration is the best way to protect your skin. Throw out expired products and get a fresh start. There's no better excuse to hit up Sephora and Ulta and load up on new makeup goodies!

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