7 Steamy Romances For Football Season

If you're dealing with post-Election deflation (no matter how you feel about the results), you're probably looking for something all-consuming, something utterly addictive and just a little escapist to occupy your time. And it's no secret that women like football, as much or more as men. What is — or has been — a secret (at least to me) is the extent to which readers like to read about football. And not just as any books about football. No, I'm talking about the very real genre of sports romance.

If you're a longtime fan of this genre, please forgive my newbie-ness. I bow down to the sheer number of titles that fall under this category of romance.

Given the season, it's only apropos that we celebrate some happily-ever-after touchdowns. A good football romance, it turns out, is the perfect read for fall. There's all sorts of autumnal mies-en-scène, and the mention of practices, games, and any kind of training summons up all those intoxicating back-to-school feelings. You start to believe that anything truly is possible when you read these books--in a good way. When has that kind of optimism been unwelcome? These 7 titles are the perfect remedy for right now.

1. First Star I See Tonight by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

"Love is never a waste of time," writes Susan Elizabeth Phillips in this mystery/football romance set in the Windy City. If you like opposites attracting, then you'll love Cooper Graham, former quarterback, and private detective, Piper Dove.

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2. Downed by Jen Frederick

Coming soon to your bookshelf or Kindle, Downed by Jen Frederick is the story of Bryant Johnson, a people pleaser who also happens to be the daughter of a college football coach. When bad boy quarterback Junior "Ace" Anderson shows up on her father's team, Bryant's powers as a "jerk whisperer" are put to the test.

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3. The Hard Way by Katie Ashley

A sports romance and a second-chance romance make Katie Ashely's story of the irascible Cade Hall and his former flame Avery Prescott a total score.

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4. Under The Lights by Abbi Gline

You'll be all swoons for this dramatic love triangle set in a southern small-town, where football is practically a religion. Who wouldn't melt for lines like this?

“I want more than that. I want you. I want to be able to kiss you anytime I want. I want to hold your hand in the halls. Hell, I want to be made fun of by the guys for wanting to be near you all the time.”

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5. The All-Star Antes Up by Susan Herkness

Luke Archer is a billionaire, a quarterback, and a cad who lives life by the rule "no strings, no rings." Never fear — farmerette-turned-concierge Miranda Tate is there to complicate everything Archer's ever believed.

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6. Game For Love by Bella Andre

At the behest of his dying grandmother, (football) player Cole Taylor finds a good girl — namely, first-grade teacher Anna Davis — to settle down with . . . and, as it turns out, to satisfy in all the steamiest ways.

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7. Playing For Keeps by Liz Matis

Former war reporter, Samantha Jameson, uncovers a steroid scandal and the affections of her college crush, tight-end Ryan Terrell, in this quick, satisfying love story.

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Images: Sandro Schuh/Unsplash