This ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Fight Almost Drove Heather Dubrow Away From The Show

Do you, fellow Real Housewives of Orange County fan, remember that vicious Season 11 quarrel that derailed Meghan King Edmonds’s pre-pregnancy sushi dinner? Ah, yes. Kelly Dodd and Heather Dubrow’s sake-fueled fight feels like something from a lifetime ago, the C-word drop a distant memory. Well, now we can watch even more of that mess. On Thursday, E! Online shared a new clip of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion that features some behind-the-scenes footage of the Dodd vs. Dubrow battle. You can check it out here.

In the previously unaired clip, you see and hear Dubrow storm out of the dining room, vent at a producer, yell a lot, say she was through with the evening, and claim she's ready to sever ties with the series altogether. Once Dubrow is away from all of the cameras, but still mic’d (thank goodness), she utters the following chilling line:

"I am taking my mic pack off, I’m walking off, I am done. They can fire me, I am done."

Thankfully, she did not leave the show after that incident (could you imagine the Glamis trip without her personal chef-prepped meals and decked-out RV? Or the Ireland excursion without her Chanel flask of Fireball? Or the candle store opening party without her reaction to the scented candles? Would've been a bust). At the reunion, Dubrow tells master of ceremonies Andy Cohen that she reacted that way because she expects more for and from the show; she believes RHOC is better than women bellowing the c-word at each other in a quiet restaurant.

Little did Dubrow know that the sushi screaming match would pale in comparison to, say, the handful of knock-down, drag-out blowups that would happen throughout the cast’s top-o'-the-drama-to-ya trip to Ireland; the C-word spat was just the beginning of a very long, very tumultuous season.

If I was on one of the O.C. Housewives, I'd definitely be pulling the "they can fire me, I'm done" move after the horror movie that was the shuttle to the airport. Heck, I'd probably be through with the series if I was forced to go tap on strangers' shoulders and ask if they share a last name with my costar's ancestors. I suppose we all have our own boiling point.

Image: realitytvgifs/Tumblr