Kylie Jenner Babysitting King Cairo Is The Happiness You Need In Your Life Right Now — VIDEOS

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna, Kylie Jenner, and Tyga certainly have a unique dynamic: Kardashian and Jenner, of course, are half-siblings, while their respective partners, Chyna and Tyga, share a son, King Cairo, 3. And now that Kardashian and Chyna are the proud parents of newborn baby Dream, the foursome's entire intertwined relationship just became a little more permanent. But for this blended family, it's clear that they left the drama behind and are instead focusing on what really matters: The kids. In fact, while Kardashian and Chyna were presumably still at the hospital Thursday night, Jenner babysat for King and Snapchatted it for the world to see. And guys: This is really what we need in our lives right now.

I'm not being facetious, either: With the genuine horror of a Donald Trump presidency looming over us, we need to feel rejuvenated by children's innocent laughter. It's truly comforting to see a family — yes, even the Kardashians — put all of their various dramas and complicated, messy situations aside and come together for the sake of their kids' well-being. It's pretty cool that it's Kylie Jenner who is the one who is watching King while her step-bro and boyfriend's ex welcome her new niece into the world. And it's heartwarming to see just what a fun time they have together, trying out new filters and laughing hysterically.

So while you navigate through this new America, one that elected Trump as President of the United States, take a moment to distract yourself from depression with something just genuinely sweet and innocent. An adorable little boy who doesn't know the complicated situation of his parents' love lives, just that he now has four parental figures who love him and his half-sister unconditionally. A kid who is just having fun with his babysitter and thinks Snapchat filters are the funniest things in the world.

Thanks for the moments of unfiltered cuteness, King Cairo.