How To Get Your Snapchat Spectacles

After what felt like a very long wait, Snapchat Spectacles are finally here! Only, they're not exactly. Like anything technologically delicious that we've been pining after, there's a catch: The glasses are being sold by a branded robot whose location is only revealed 24 hours in advance, online. Yeah, take in the sentiment of that statement for a moment, because the future is here.

As you may or may not already know, Snap Inc. engineered a pair of sunglasses that are basically like GoPros that you wear on your face, and that are actually really cute. The dual action video recording sunglasses film circular lens footage that is automatically saved to your Snapchat memories. You can record up to 30 seconds of footage at a time by simply tapping a button located on the glasses. Pretty Inspector Gadget, if you ask me.

Ever since the announcement, Snap fans and techies alike have been waiting for an opportunity to get their faces in a pair of the limited-time glasses that will retail at $130. Up until recently, people still had no idea how they'd actually get the opportunity to purchase them, or where they could even find them. And maybe even after Spectacles' initial launch on Nov. 10, people were still wondering how. The answer? Snapbots.

Snapbots, the electronic popup shops that sell the glasses, are basically vending machines that look like Spongebob, Twinkies, or Minions, depending on how close you are to them. The soon-to-be infamous Snapbots made their first appearance in Venice Beach, California, on Nov. 10. Wearing a bonnet of yellow balloons, the Snapbot uses sensors and cameras to know when to "open" for business. Basically if you walk by, it "wakes up" and becomes available for service. Using that very same camera technology, the Snapbot allows you to virtually try on all three colors of the Spectacles before you pick the one to purchase. You can choose from black, coral, and teal.

Once you pick the pair of your techie dreams, you pay $130 with your credit card and await the dispensation of your new second eyes. In the cylindrical package, you'll get some instructions, a charging cord, and a ghost-shaped lens cloth.

To find out when there will be a Snapbot near you, head to the Spectacles website and check out its ever-updating map. Yes, it's very mysterious and vague and secretive, but it's also part of the fun.

For now, each person is limited to one purchase per credit card — Snapchat doesn't want to make people have to wait in line for you to buy your entire extended family holiday gifts. That said, it's a limit per credit card. So, if you have multiple credit cards... well, I'm just sayin'. Happy Snapping, and good luck finding a pair!

Images: Spectacles/YouTube