Looking For A Way To Cope?

If you're most people who cast votes in the presidential election, you're probably feeling incredibly distressed about how it all turned out. Despite losing the popular vote by a wide margin, Donald Trump prevailed in the electoral college, making him president-elect of the United States, and thwarting what was the greatest chance America's ever had at electing its first woman president. It wouldn't be surprising if you're looking for a way to cope right now, in other words. You're in luck: The "Dear Hillary" Tumblr is collecting open letters to Clinton right now, providing her grieving supporters a chance to voice their frustrations, doubts, fears, and their well-wishes for the defeated Democratic nominee.

If you were following the action on election night, then I probably don't have to tell you how disorienting and shocking it all was ― thanks to what now looks like a systemic failure in state-level polls, Trump outperformed his expectations by about two points, which was enough for him to notch victories in Florida, North Carolina, as well as the once-vaunted "blue wall" states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and likely Michigan too, where Trump currently leads.

In short, it was a night that will forever live in infamy in Democratic and progressive circles. Here's just one example of a letter posted to the Dear Hillary Tumblr, from a woman named Micaela.

Dear Hillary,

My goodness, do I wish I could just give you a big hug. I could go on and on about how much you have inspired me – both to overcome hardship and disappointment, and to love endlessly – but this isn’t about me. You are a true hero. Your kindness, fortitude, brilliance, and the love you have for all people is your legacy, and has paved the way for a generation that will follow in your footsteps. It’s not JUST about little girls who look up to you, it’s also about the little boys who believe in equality and love, too.

Thank you for fighting for us. Please know that despite the outcome of this wonky election, you have accomplished so much throughout the past year. You have opened peoples’ hearts, minds, and belief that we are a better country and community when we lift each other up. We are SO grateful to you, and hope you are as proud of your accomplishments as we are.


Micaela K.

Here's another one ― much shorter, and quicker to the point on so many people's minds right now ― from a woman named Sarah in Virginia.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Dear Hillary,

What should we do next? I’m lost.

-Sarah W.


So far, there are nearly 50 emails posted to the blog. While some were sent by men, the vast majority of them came from women who supported Clinton, often voicing the kind of appreciation and enthusiasm for the former secretary of state that rarely received much coverage or attention throughout the campaign season, dominated as it was by President-elect Trump's daily eruptions.

Reasonable people can have disagreements about Clinton, of course, just like any politician. But it's hard to deny that those who felt a strongly positive connection with her haven't had nearly as much time or attention devoted to them in the last year as, say, the ardent Trump supporter. Especially when you consider that even though Trump's supporters were distributed in a way to make him president, the popular vote proves Clinton had the larger coalition and was more desired to be America's next commander in chief.

If you happen to count yourself among that group and you feel like it'd be beneficial to let some of the feeling of the last few days out with words, you can submit to the blog at