Yes, Dream Kardashian Is Already On Social Media

Blac Chyna and fiancé Rob Kardashian welcomed their first child, Dream Kardashian, on Thursday, Nov. 10. Chyna and Rob first announced their pregnancy by posting an emoji to Instagram in May, so naturally, to follow that legacy their two-day old baby has already joined social media. That's right, Dream has an Instagram and a Twitter. The baby began her quest to be the internet's next big thing on Saturday. Presumably, with some help. Unless she is some sort of social media baby wonder, which considering who her family is, wouldn't be that surprising. Dream's Instagram and Twitter handles are exactly what the world needs, and honestly, it's great that she's joined as early as she has. Start 'em young, I say.

You can find Dream tweeting away at @dreamkardashian on Twitter, and on Instagram, it's just @dream. On Saturday, she put out her first tweet — a photo of her and mother, Chyna. “Morning,” she captioned the post. “Bonding time with mommy.” Her ability to understand words and use coherent sentences is astounding, right?

OK, fine. As evidenced by basic understanding of child development — and her bio — the account seems to actually be run by her mother and father, Chyna and Kardashian. But she certainly doesn't seem upset by the spotlight. Look, she even added a chick emoji. Because she's a baby girl, get it?

Yesterday, Dream was savvy enough to understand how reposting works, so she put up a photo from Kardashian's account on her own page.

Yes, I know. Dream also does not run her Instagram account. But isn't it fun to... dream? (I'll see myself out.) Before I do, however, please view the second image posted to Dream's Instagram. Which, BTW, is a verified account that has over 100,000 followers at this time.

OK, fine. It's the same image on her Twitter, but don't tell me you are upset about seeing it twice. Did you notice the chick emoji? There it is again.

Here's more good Dream news: Following the birth announcement, E! revealed that a Rob & Chyna Baby Special will premiere on Dec. 18. Will baby Dream be live-tweeting during said special? Unless it cuts into her nap time, probably. Now, please, go follow her on both accounts, unless you want to miss out on learning about the inner workings of a baby's mind.