'Jane The Virgin' Cast Says The Villanueva Women Would Fight Donald Trump's Presidency

For a brief moment the Villanueva family was nearly torn aport by Alba's (Ivonne Coll) possible deportation on Jane the Virgin. On the show, Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) abuela, originally from Venezuela, was living illegally in the United States for over 40 years. For many families in America, deported loved ones could soon be a reality. Donald Trump expressed plans to deport as many as three million illegal immigrants once he takes the office. On the show, Alba finally received a green card, and recently got a job at The Marbella where Jane also works. But the US president-elect has said he's going lengths to secure immigration policies and build a border wall, so many families won't get this chance at their happy ending. Coll and her Jane co-star Andrea Navedo, who are both Puerto Rican in real life, explained how the Villanueva ladies would be feeling right now. They were pretty confident, not only that none of them would be happy, but that they would take action.

Since Trump was elected there have been numerous rallies and protests in a handful of major cities — Los Angeles, New York, and Detroit included. Navedo predicted what Jane and her family would do in their hometown of Miami before the protests actually took place on Friday. "They might be one of those ones that are out there picketing," the actor said. "They would be stopping people on the 95 in Miami." Little did she know, that would actually happen the very next evening. On Friday, hundreds of Anti-Trump protestors in Miami took to the streets and blocked traffic on the I-95.

Coll explained how both Xo and Jane would make their voices heard, just as Navedo and Rodriguez did in real life. "I think [Alba's] daughter and granddaughter voted, but I don't think they're republican," she said. The actor was heartbroken over the outcome, especially because Florida, the show's city, was such a game-changer in the election. "It's incredible because the election was mostly won by Florida... And I hate all the Latinos that have done that," she said. Coll didn't hold back when expressing her anger towards the Latinos who voted for Trump. "At this very moment, that's how I feel. I'm gonna say it, I don't care. Shame on them. It's so unnerving," said Coll.

Like Coll, Navedo's family is from another country, yet they aren't technically immigrants (as Puerto Rico is an unincorporated US territory). Still, she explained how she's negatively effected by America's current climate. "It still hits close to home because my family is from another country and had a different language than American English," Navedo said. "People, by face-value, when they see me and my family, they assume that we're immigrants. They automatically judge [us]," she continued.

But like the real-life Americans who have been out there protesting in the streets, the Villenueva women would remain both hopeful and strong during this tumultuous time.

Images: The CW (3)