Is Modesty A Witch? Credence's Sister In 'Fantastic Beasts' Is Definitely Powerful, Says Ezra Miller

It may not be a "real" Harry Potter movie, but Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has enough twists and turns to rival any of the franchise's previous eight films. The movie, about a magizoologist (Newt Scamander) who accidentally unleashes his case of magical creatures across 1920s New York, has some truly great surprises mixed into its plot, including the (major spoiler alert) bait-and-switch surrounding the obscurus, a dangerous magical force emitted by a wizard who's repressing his or her powers. For most of the film, fans are led to think that the younger sister of Credence, Modesty, is a witch and is Fantastic Beasts ' obscurus causing destruction around New York. Yet at the end of the film, it's revealed that the source of the mayhem is Credence himself. According to Credence actor Ezra Miller, though, just because Modesty (Faith Wood-Blagrove) isn't the obscurus doesn't mean she doesn't still potentially possess magical powers.

"I don’t have any secret info on the truth of Modesty, but she’s definitely a powerful kid in this story," Miller says while at the Fantastic Beasts press day in New York. "I mean, the way that she stands up for her brother and the way that she’s protective of him and caring for him, [despite] being such a young kid? I think it would suggest, at least, the basis of magical abilities."


And even if Modesty doesn't turn out to be a witch, 11-year-old Wood-Blagrove might be, Miller jokes. "I’ll tell you that Faith, the actress who portrayed Modesty, is not a muggle," Miller says with a laugh. "She’s probably gotten the letter already, and she’ll be missing the next seven years."

Potter fans will have to keep an eye out for Wood-Blagrove, as Modesty's storyline could definitely benefit from expansion in more Fantastic Beasts films. The first movie implies that she's capable of small spells and might even possess a stolen wand, and while it's unclear if she truly does have magical abilities, it'd certainly be fun to explore the extent of her power in Fantastic Beasts movies to come.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures