Jon Stewart Speaks Out On The Election

Over the past week, since President-elect Donald Trump won the election, it's been pretty annoying to hear white men tell people of color and women to "calm down" and that "everything will be alright." Which is why when former Daily Show host and Jewish messiah Jon Stewart said almost exactly that about the presidential election results, I was surprised to find his words oddly reassuring. Apparently, retirement has turned the comedian into something of an optimist.

"There's been a lot of talk here tonight against Donald Trump, which has been hard for me, as a Trump supporter," Stewart joked at Farm Sanctuary’s 30th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles Saturday night. "But, in all seriousness, we're still the same people we were a week ago. We're still the same country that elected a guy named Barack Obama. Everything's going to be alright."

His comment was met with huge cheers in the room of Farm Sanctuary supporters, many of whom were not only progressive, but also vegan. Though Stewart didn't want to talk to press at the gala about politics, choosing instead to focus on the cause at hand, he clearly felt the need to say something. The comedian appeared to be in good spirits and trim shape, dressed in grey skinny jeans. Apparently, a vegetarian lifestyle and retirement is treating him well — what happened to his reliable brand of cynicism?

Musician and vegan activist Moby, who was also present at the Farm Sanctuary Gala, was more pointed in his political comments. He spoke about the importance of already looking towards the midterm election. "While I like to think of myself as a peaceful person," Moby said, "I want to f-cking crush the Republicans."

“This past week it’s felt like God is on vacation and Satan is just sitting up there,” Moby continued. “First we won the election by not losing — thanks to the electoral college — and then Leonard Cohen died. The only thing getting me through was knowing that Saturday night I would be in a room of vegan animal rights activists. So thank you for helping me get through a really challenging week.”

So challenging, that I've found myself playing Stewart's words on loop, as if that will somehow make them come true.

Stewart was presenting Farm Sanctuary's Gift of Life Award to Allene Lapides, the President of the Allene & Jerome Lapides Foundation, which focuses on animal rights, animal protection, women’s issues, and the environment. Stewart's wife, vegan activist Tracey Stewart, is a dedicated animal activist who partnered with Farm Sanctuary to open a fourth location in New Jersey. She is also constantly using her privilege to save and adopt animals.

“I never know what she’s going to come back with,” Stewart joked. “It’s usually OK long as it’s not an animal of prey. We draw the line at panthers.”

Image Courtesy Of Conscious Chris