14 'GOT' Relationships The Internet Is Dreaming Of

For a show that very rarely features anything resembling a functional love story, Game of Thrones has fans really invested in romances they want to happen. The HBO show has joined the ranks of franchises with huge internet fanbases that actively root for characters to get together or insist that a romance happened beyond the page or screen. But unlike Harry Potter, Star Wars, and a select few others, what sets Game of Thrones apart is its infamously confusing and vast array of characters, meaning that the "shipping" possibilities are endless.

There are a few types of Game of Thrones romances that the internet is drawn to. There are the romances that actually seem very likely to happen, or have been strongly hinted at happening. These are relationships between heroes (if the show can be described as having heroes), and between characters who have shared a promising kiss or two. Then there are the relationships that seem very unlikely, but are fun to root for: minor characters who have never crossed paths; characters who seem compatible but whose sexual orientations don't align; characters who exchanged an over-analyzed glance one time, etc. Finally, there are the relationships that seemingly only trolls are rooting for, totally bizarre pairings that personalities and incest would render completely impossible on any other show except Game of Thrones.

Below are 14 couples that the internet has been dreaming of existing on Game of Thrones, excluding those that death has rendered impossible (sorry Sansa X Margaery fans).

1. Jon Snow & Daenerys

For obvious reasons of attractiveness and moral righteousness, the show's two heroes have long been expected to get together. However, the fact that Dany is Jon's aunt makes it a little awkward.

2. Brienne & Tormund

Fans picked up on Tormund's pretty obvious crush on the lady knight in Season 6, and the episode's director has confirmed that the sexually charged glance was intentional.

3. Jon Snow & Sansa

I doubt anyone is actually rooting for Jon Snow to marry the woman he thought was his sister for most of his life, but a fan theory posits that Snow and Sansa will enter into a political marriage in Season 7.

4. Jaime & Brienne

Obviously, the romance between these two fan favorites is more than speculation, but wouldn't it be nice if these characters ended up together?

5. Missandei & Grey Worm

The two have already shared a kiss, but many fans are hoping the romance will be explored more in upcoming seasons.

6. Arya & Gendry

Since it looks like Gendry is coming back in Season 7, it seems likely that his eventual reunion with his friend Arya will be pretty emotional, and possibly romantic.

7. Sansa & Podrick

Fans ship this unlikely pairing because Sansa deserves a beau who is her own age, and not completely terrifying.

8. Littlefinger & Cersei

Some fans like the idea of this pairing of enemies because both are cunning and power-hungry (you know, what love is all about).

9. Meera & Bran

It's hinted in the books that the devoted friends have some romantic feelings towards each other, and it's a sweet crush situation, though they're a little young for romance.

10. Littlefinger & Sansa

Littlefinger has a thing for Sansa, and while it's pretty gross that they are so far apart in age and Littlefinger has transferred his love for Catelyn to her daughter, some people still ship it.

11. Jorah & Danaerys

While the two parted ways, many still think that Dany and her sworn protector are the best couple on Game of Thrones.

12. Tyrion & Kinvara

The new Red Woman has spent a lot of time with Tyrion, and we know from Melisandre that seduction is usually involved.

13. Daenerys & Yara

Dany and Yara Greyjoy exchanged a flirtatious moment in Season 6, which got fans really excited, especially when Emilia Clarke herself confirmed that Dany was indeed flirting.

14. Sansa & The Hound

While The Hound is pretty terrifying, his softness toward Sansa has led many to speculate that the two are in love.

With only two shortened seasons of Game of Thrones left, these pairings had better happen soon, though if they don't, there's always fan fiction.

Image: HBO, Giphy (14)