Kim Thinks About Baby Number Three On 'KUWTK'

It's pretty much known as fact at this point that Kim Kardashian has awesome babies. North is growing up to be the epitome of style and sass as a toddler, and baby Saint — who we don't see online or on TV quite as much — is crazy adorable. And now that she has a handle on motherhood, it sounds like she's planning to follow in her own mom's footsteps with a giant brood of her own. On Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim considers having a third baby via surrogate, and it sounds like she might actually go through with it... someday.

Kim has always talked about how much she wants more children, but one thing stands in her way: How difficult her past pregnancies have been. Kim and Kris went to see her OB/GYN, and he let her know that having another baby could be really dangerous and even lead to a life and death situation that could be worse than the problems she experienced in her first two pregnancies. But obviously, getting pregnant herself isn't the only way she can have another baby, and using a surrogate is definitely an option for her.

Next stop? A fertility specialist, who confirmed that a surrogate would likely be her best option, since another pregnancy wouldn't be safe for her. It makes sense to go the safe route, but it has to be hard to let go of the idea of carrying your children yourself, which is what Kim has been struggling with. And after talking to someone who's used a surrogate before, it seemed like she felt a lot less skeptical of the process.

Ultimately, Kim decided that she does want to have at least one more kid, and seemed to accept the fact that she wouldn't be carrying that baby herself. Whether or not she'll go with a surrogate or adopt is still a mystery, but it definitely sounds like North and Saint will be getting another brother or sister sometime in the future.

If you need me, I'll be here, waiting for Kim's next baby announcement. Maybe she'll surprise us with a fully formed newborn someday? She would break the internet again for sure.