All Only Children Had These Daydreams In The ‘90s

Creative types fall prey to daydreams more often than we'd like to admit, but let's be real: Creative or not, if you were an only child, you definitely filled some time daydreaming as a kid or teenager. But while our imaginations and daydreams bring us all to different places, there are still many common daydreams only children shared in the '90s. Because, well... when you don't have any siblings, sometimes you just want a twin, you know?

Only children tend to get a bad reputation; society tends to stereotype us as spoiled and selfish. But — as is frequently the case with stereotypes — these assumptions are often incorrect. Indeed, many of us spent our sometimes lonely youths dreaming up some unique ways to entertain our minds. And growing up as an only child in the '90s just confirmed that our daydreams were pretty much amazing. After all, a childhood spent during that particular decade meant we had a ton of awesome and diverse opportunities and experiences, ranging from our educational television shows to our choice in music. While all of this stimulation was ripe for keeping our minds occupied, it also provided plenty of fuel for our active imaginations. Sure, recreating your favorite dance from a music video was more fun with actual friends, but if you had to use your Beanie Babies to make do... let's just say that all only children know the drill.

If you're an only children, or someone who happens to love an only child, you'll definitely cringe and smile when thinking about these daydreams we had as only children in the '90s.

1. You Had A Long Lost Twin

You always wondered what it would be like if you had at least one sibling, but after seeing The Parent Trap, you just knew you had a long lost twin somewhere in the world.

2. You Were Actually Born As Royalty

Just like in The Princess Diaries, you'd be hoisted off to etiquette classes before you assumed a royal throne in.... somewhere far away, with mountains and fancy cheese.

3. Your Dog Would Talk To You

If only children did anything in the '90s, it was watching a lot of educational TV. And what was our universal favorite? Wishbone, of course.

4. You Were The Third Olsen Twin

As an only child, sometimes seeing big families or lots of kids made us feel relieved we didn't have to share a bedroom or babysit little ones. But seeing the close bond between the Olsens definitely made us daydream we were part of the Olsen Triplets.

5. You Were Literally A Teenage Witch

We were just waiting for the moment our distant, witchy relatives came to pick us up and teach us how to hone our innate magic skills, a la Sabrina.

6. Your Hogwarts Letter Was In The Mail

After all, you were basically Hermione anyway, right?

7. You Could Train for Double Dare

And it would be all the more impressive because you did it all on your own.

8. You Might Become An International Spy

You know, like Carmen Sandiego... Which you got to play whenever you wanted, because you never had to share computer time.

9. Joining The Baby-Sitter's Club

Sure, they were fictional characters, but it didn't matter. Your daydreams were so detailed, you were practically on your way to Mallory's house for dinner.

10. Winning Every Single Prize At Chuck E. Cheese

As an adult, we know all too well that the cost of playing arcade games is usually more than the value of the actual prizes. But hey, as kids, we knew we had the concentration and expertise to win big if given the opportunity.

11. Successfully Putting Together The Shrine Of The Silver Monkey

Sure, the Temple Guards jumping up out of nowhere must have been challenging, but no one is focused on success like an only child.

12. Working At Empire Records

Only children are driven basically from the womb, so of course we daydreamed about getting a cool job, a la Liv Tyler and Rory Cochrane in Empire Records.

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