These Pics Of Young Joe Biden Are Like Whoa

Hello, I'd like to get into a time machine, go to the future and divorce my future husband, then get BACK in the time machine and find young Joe Biden to propose immediate and irrational marriage to him — because as the internet recently discovered through the pictures of young Joe Biden that have been surfacing in the last week, he was precious AF. It should be noted that there are already a splendid number of Joe Biden and Obama memes in the wake of this tumultuous post-election America, but someone — and by someone, I mean all of us — took it a step too far when we dug up a picture of Joe Biden from college that basically set all of our hearts on fire.

I would like to personally apologize to Jill Biden on behalf of Twitter and Leslie Knope for turning her husband into the most meme-able meme that ever meme'd, but I also can't stop, won't stop. If you need something — nay, someone — to cheer you up this Monday morning, then join us on our trail to becoming unrepentant trash for young Joe Biden. Here are some of the best of the internet's commentary (sorry, Mom).

1. "U Up?"

2. Reading All The Receipts

3. When You'd Dip Your Fries In That Sauce

4. *Literally Shaking*

5. No, YOU'RE Taking This Too Far!!

6. #FootballDreams

7. Important PSA


Welp, I officially know I was not hot enough in college to make it in politics, so there's that!

In conclusion, I don't think anyone can say it better than Leslie Knope.

(Also, please please please never leave the White House, k thanks, bye!)