This Is What Gerry From ‘Heavyweights’ Looks Like Today

For every Mrs. Doubtfire and Lion King, there are a ton of absurd '90s films that may have slipped your memory, even in the age of peak nostalgia. Subsequently, you may have somehow forgotten the 1995 camp film Heavyweights up until the day it slowly creeped into your Netflix feed (to cries of "yaaaaas.") To recap, it's an early Judd Apatow film that has Ben Stiller as a fitness drill sergeant who eventually inspires the campers to revolt against him. But the hero of the story was little (as in, he was a literal child) Gerry Garner. And you may be wondering, what does Gerry from Heavyweights look like now, 22 years after his stay at Camp Hope?

Well, as it would turn out, young Aaron Schwartz grew up to be a blonde Los Angeles mega-babe who had an interesting stint on the Upper East Side. More importantly, though, he has a valid Instagram account that gives us a proper social media window into his current life. Schwartz, who is 35-years-old now, has seemingly devoted his time to regular trips to the gym and has a very interesting undercut that he is weirdly pulling off. In short, prepared to be confused by the hotness of adult Gerry.

What? Who allowed this? Yeah, apparently things looked up since that last drag of a summer, and now Schwartz's life is all sunshine and palm trees. Also, he has a very positive slash adorable relationship with his mother, in case you want to be more confused by this whole turn of events.

But Schwartz, whose early '90s credits also include a small role in The Mighty Ducks, hasn't given up on acting altogether. In fact, the New York-born actor had a recurring stint on Gossip Girl as the Van Der Woodsen's doorman. You guys, Schwartz played Dorota's lover-turned-husband Vanya. The guy in Heavyweights was one half of the cutest and least anxiety-inducing couples on that CW show, and we didn't even notice. Or, rather, I didn't even notice when I was spending six years of my life following that show with a vengeance.

Though that seems to be his biggest claim to fame in recent times, it's looking like Schwartz is also going to have a small part in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Snaps are definitely in order for that. But Schwartz definitely hasn't forgotten his roots, and is just as excited that Heavyweights is on Netflix as you are. Bless.

Make sure to revisit the tumultuous time at Camp Hope and marvel at this transformation today.

Images: Buena Vista Pictures; AaronSchwartz11/Instagram