The Movies & TV Shows Coming To Netflix In November 2016 That Belong In Your Queue ASAP

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Once you hit November, one thing is for certain: It's definitely getting way colder and you totally need to spend more time snuggled under a blanket watching Netflix. Luckily, the streaming site has your back and there are tons of new films and TV shows coming to Netflix in November, which should keep you occupied for the entire month. As usual, there's a terrific balance of genres to satisfy whatever mood you may find yourself in. There are period dramas, stand-up comedy, cherished classics, ludicrous horrors, and rib-tickling comedies among everything else that the site has to offer. So, I think you might just be OK.

Because as the nights start getting darker and those cravings for cocoa, warm snacks, and, well, Thanksgiving leftovers, start happening, it's also essential that you plan out your viewing habits to coincide with your food. After all, nothing goes better with a gigantic, late-night turkey sandwich or warm cookies dipped in hot chocolate than some great viewing material to help you enjoy them.

So, peruse all the following shows that Netflix is offering November and be sure to start loading up your Watch List accordingly while you wait. Something tells me there's one specific show that you'll want to watch immediately...

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