Lush's Holiday Collection Features A Major Change

Lush has long been heralded as a champion of cruelty-free, hand-made, and vegetarian products. Now, they're taking things a step further. The Lush Holiday Collection is completely self-preserving. If you're a frequent Lush shopper, you've probably seen the new green strip running along certain products. Inside that strip, you'll find the word self-preserving. These products aren't created with additional preservations adding to the brand's commitment to crafting safe and fresh products.

If you've been wanting to take a peek at the latest selection from the retailer, you can shop their Holiday Collection knowing that no additional preservatives were placed into the shower gels, bath bombs, bubble bars, lotions, or other products. Lush has been slowly converting their existing, permanent range of products to be self-preserving, and by making their Christmas collection all self-preserving, it may be a sign of things to come for the entire collection of Lush products.

Plus, Lush has been on the forefront of product changes to help their customers consume more ethical, high quality products. In 2014, the brand eliminated Mica from all of their products. The brand had no way to guarantee that their Mica did not come from child labor, and the brand eliminated it in favor of a synthetic alternative.

Now, the brand is creating their new products free of additional preservatives. On the brand's website, they explain the major difference in products that are self-preserving and others that aren't. The site reads, "Aside from the fact that they don’t contain any synthetic preservatives, our self-preserving formulas tend to look slightly different from the preserved formulations: they’re usually a little darker in color and have a thicker consistency. Their shelf life and the effect they have on the skin is exactly the same — the main difference is in the way that they feel upon application. Thanks to the reduced water content, our self-preserving formulas have a richer texture and tend to feel more concentrated, so you’ll love them if you like more moisturizing products."

Lush's commitment to handmade, ethical, and fresh products has made them a cult beauty brand with celebrities like Kylie Jenner. Now, it seems the brand may just be adding another feather in their cap. The all self-preserving Lush Holiday Collection is a great move for the brand and even more exciting for fans.

Images: Lush Cosmetics/Instagram