Willow Smith Releases Soothing "November 9th" Song As A Reaction To The Election — LISTEN

Willow Smith of "Whip My Hair" and famous parent fame wrote an intelligent and calming response to the 2016 US political election titled "November 9th." And it came just in time. She not only has a beautiful singing voice but also a highly empathetic and knowledgeable song writing skills.

On Willow's Soundcloud, which is where she shared the new song she announced to fans, "I wrote this song on the day of the election. Peace and revelations to all!" The singer's page also shares the information: "I just want to make music so that I can raise the consciousness level on this planet. Lets all come together in light, love and harmony through oneness with ourselves and All That Is. Enjoy." It's clear that this girl is much more than a teen pop star and member of one of Hollywood's royal families — she's also a human trying to figure out the world just like the rest of us.

Smith's song calls out to both men and women impacted by the results of the election. She softly croons: “Baby girl, I know you’re tired, don’t let the world put out your fire. Take my hand and you will see, sadness and anger aren’t everything" and goes on to say, “Baby boy, don’t lose your sweetness… take my hand and you shall see, suppression and pain are not everything.” She doesn't hesitate to place her solidarity with those who are hurting.

In a song that is less than two minutes in length, Willow manages to awaken a calm by way of her soothing voice and positive lyrics. She reminds us that even though we're all just specks on a "little rock up in the sky," this "little ball... holds us together and endures our choices.” For those in need of an ethereal lullaby after election day, look no farther than "November 9th." Willow's got just the right voice for de-stressing — which is what we all need in a this seemingly divided post-election America!


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