This 'GoT' Fan Theory Points To Arya's Next Victim

Just when you thought there were enough Game of Thrones fan theories to answer all of our questions until the end of the series, there's a new one that comes along and adds renewed excitement to the Season 7 build-up. That's precisely what a revived Game of Thrones Reddit fan theory about Arya Stark is doing and it's about who she will kill next in Season 7. The theory was revived thanks to Reddit user GifHorsesMouth, who posits that Arya is not only going to kill Melisandre but she may also be the one to kill Cersei. Mind. Blowing.

If you recall, ever since Arya was unceremoniously run out of King's Landing in Season 1, following her father's murder, she's been on a big ol' revenge mission against those who have wronged her family. Her need for vengeance has taken her all over Westeros and Braavos; she already back in Westeros by the time Season 6 ends. With her kill list dwindling, many of us are wondering who she could possibly have left to eliminate? Those rumors about a big battle happening right at the beginning of the seventh season promises to involve many of the major players. Arya's plan for vengeance may be slow to come and, narratively speaking, could be a major plot point in the latter half of the season, if indeed the battle does act as a centerpiece for the first half.

So, when you think about who Arya could kill, fans should think about who's still alive, easily accessible, and poses a direct threat to the Stark family. GifHorsesMouth says that the portion of Melisandre's prophecy the mentions a person with green eyes being killed by Arya could really be Cersei. This directly contradicts another fan theory, involving the Valonqar prophecy, but it seems very possible. The show has barely acknowledged the Valonqar prophecy, which suggest Cersei dies at the hands of one of her brothers; instead, all of that pent up anger and vengeance could be saved for Arya. To be fair, her training with Jaqen means she could use the face of someone Cersei trusts in order to get closer to her and finally kill her. How utterly satisfying and amazing would that be?

More importantly, Arya murdering Melisandre makes complete sense. Fans have no idea where Melisandre set her sights on after being expelled from Winterfell by Jon Snow's decree. She could very well cross paths with Arya. The Reddit theory suggests that Melisandre saw her own death in Arya's eyes, hence the fearful look in the final moment. Melisandre does have blue eyes (another part of her prophecy regarding who Arya will kill) and she has committed some heinous acts (remember poor Shireen Baratheon?) in her time. But surely the woman who revived Arya's beloved brother gets a pass, right? If she does kill Melisandre, it would purely be an emotional murder, not the kind of carefully plotted murder that would be Cersei's death.

The only thing this fan theory nails is that Arya is hellbent on getting home and restoring honor to the Stark name. You can't fault a girl for having to get her hands a little dirty in order to do that, can you?

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