15 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Plus Size Shopping

In terms of online communities, the plus size Twitter crowd is one of the most open and honest, both to each other and to the world. Tweeting about anything and everything with relationship to existing as a fat person, the conversation often turns to tweets that sum up the plus size shopping experience. These thoughts aren’t just a great way of venting but sharing experiences with others, but also starting a dialogue

For fat girls, the negatives of plus size shopping are something to commiserate about, and on Twitter that means dozens of replies and retweets about similar topics. On the flip side, if a positive experience happens in a store or with a brand, plus size shoppers are almost guaranteed to sing its praises on social media. In a lot of ways Twitter has become somewhat of a safe space in the plus size shoppers life.

These tweets sum up the reality of shopping while plus size in numerous ways — from the good, to the bad, and everything in between. By sharing these tweets, the plus size community are showing solidarity for one another and make the point that while plus size shopping has come a long way in the last decade, there’s a hell of a long way left to go. If you're a plus size shopper, you can almost certainly relate to at least one of these.

1. Less Options

Being excited that you find something well made and reasonably priced in your size can often lead to purchasing items you may not have cared for otherwise. It's a double edged sword — do you want less clothes that you love, or more clothes that are just OK?

2. Body Positivity

In fact, only associating body positivity with clothing can be damaging to the fat activism cause.

3. Gym Shopping

Because activewear departments often feel like they don't care about catering to plus size needs. Fat girls work out, too.

4. Height Differences

While straight size departments often have tall and petite sections, most plus size lines haven't reached that point yet.

5. Plus Size Departments

Be it improperly trained staff or a less cared for department, stores that aren't only for plus size people may not know how to treat plus size customers or clothing.

6. Less Brands

Shout out to the brands who have realized stocking plus size lines benefit everyone.

7. Assumptions

Well maybe I'm just here to buy socks, or a present, or not looking for plus size lines. These assumptions can make a person feel like they're unwanted in certain stores.

8. Sizing

Just like all bodies, plus size bodies are structured differently. More specific measurements would help everyone with their shopping experiences. (And probably reduce returns, too).

9. Online Shopping

Only being able to shop properly online can get pretty disheartening.

10. Fat Shaming

Fat shaming sometimes feels inescapable — even in plus size stores.

11. Drop The Plus

The debate surrounding the drop the plus campaign is an important one for many plus size women: Without plus size labels, how will people know where they can or can't shop?

12. Stores Who Do It Right

Inclusion over exclusion is the way forward for all types of fashion, not just the plus size industry.

13. Better Designs

The thrills of finding something that is great makes it all worth it.

14. Getting Excited

As stores launch new plus size lines, the excitement of shopping is so much higher than ever before.

15. The Community

Because whether the plus size community is griping about shopping or celebrating any good moments while shopping, at least there's an audience out there to validate each other's opinions.

A lot of these experiences add up to paint a pretty clear picture of how hard it can be to shop as a plus size woman. Between feeling left out to having few options, sometimes there's not much about the fatshion world that feels welcoming. If the plus size fashion industry is serious about moving forward, they need to pay attention to complaints like these, but in the meantime, we can celebrate the small victories that have led to positive tweets and positive experiences for plus size shoppers.