Juan Diego Botto Will Be Your New TV Crush

There's been a lot of buzz about TNT's Good Behavior, which premieres Tuesday, and one of the reasons the show's been getting talked about so much is because of its stellar cast. The series stars Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey as Letty — a con artist who's just been released from prison, only to fall into a dangerous relationship with a man named Javier. And although he may not look familiar to you yet, Juan Diego Botto, who plays Javier on Good Behavior , will be your new favorite crush, and you're going to want to see more of him immediately.

It's clear from the outset that Javier is a complicated character, who's going to cause plenty of trouble for Dockery's Letty. The relationship the pair enters into isn't going to be easy, though the trailer is sure to show us just how much chemistry the actors have with one another. Undoubtedly, Botto has been cast for a reason. As Rotten Tomatoes described him, "There’s a mystery and complexity to the devilishly alluring hitman," and Botto certainly seems like the perfect fit for the role. So why are we just finding out now, in 2016, who Botto is? Luckily, I've rounded up everything you need to know.

According to Wikiwand, Botto was born in Argentina, and now lives in Madrid, Spain. He's an accomplished actor, working primarily in theater and film, but he's spent the majority of his career working on Argentinian and Spanish projects. Good Behavior marks an important move for the actor into mainstream American television, and Botto seems excited about the opportunity. The actor told Rotten Tomatoes,

"The main difference that I found [working in the U.S.] is just money. The production has more trucks, you have more technicians, more crew, more time for the writers to write, more time for directors to prepare, for the actors to rehearse."

He is obviously enjoying working in the states, particularly on a new TV show alongside actors he respects.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Playing a character that kills for a living is always going to be challenging, but Botto seems to have embraced this challenge wholeheartedly. In the same interview with Rotten Tomatoes, he said, "For my character, the challenge was to make the hitman attractive, how to combine the fact that he kills people for money with the fact that he is adorable in other aspects of his life." That Botto's main concern has been making sure that his character, Javier, is accessible to the audience, while remaining devastatingly attractive, is reason enough to get on board with Good Behavior. He most definitely has the attractive part down.

It seems as if there's going to be a lot more Botto in all of our lives from now on. And that is a good thing.