Lady Mary Is a Fun Lady on Instagram

Who else is thrilled that Downton Abbey will be returning for Season 6? Well, in honor of my favorite period drama getting renewed, I thought it'd be fun to focus on leading lady Michelle Dockery. Whether you love her or hate her (we all know Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen adores her) as Lady Mary, one thing remains certain: Dockery is so much fun to follow on Instagram. Not only do we get a glimpse into just who Dockery is in real life, but we get to see how she is the total opposite of Mary Crawley.

After stalking — I mean, browsing, through her Instagram, I'm even more in love with this lady than I was before. She's so much fun. From showcasing her favorite jewelry to illustrating her love of wine to using her account for important causes to posting photos of her adorable pup that I want to cuddle to behind-the-scenes images of the Downton Abbey cast, Dockery's social media page is one everyone needs to follow, especially if you love her and the show.

Now that my rant is over (for now), let's take a walk through her Instagram. Here are just a few photos that I adore and show just who Dockery is off the small screen.

She Loves Friends!

She Has Fun During Halloween

She Watches Rugby

She Stands Up for Cancer

She Has an Adorable Dog

She Tries to "Crush" Mr. Carson

She Dresses Up With Lady Edith

She Knows Tasteful Furniture When She Sees It

She Does the Ice Bucket Challenge With Shirtless Men

She Plays Bananagrams

I totally want to hang with both Dockery and Lady Mary. Whoever can gift me that amazing present, I will forever be grateful.