The New 'Gilmore' Trailer Could Be A Big Clue

by Daniela Cabrera

Fall is here, the air is crisp, and families are wearing their cozy sweaters and preparing for a beautiful Thanksgiving feast with all of their loved ones. But do you know what I am doing? I am making sure my internet is connected at prime speed because on Nov. 25, when I am busy digesting food, the Gilmore Girls revival will premiere on Netflix. No one can tell me dreams don't come true! As the time nears, the show has been relentlessly teasing us poor GG fans, and the latest clip on the Gilmore Girls Facebook page features Luke Danes in a tuxedo, leading me to wonder if Luke and Lorelai are getting married in the Gilmore Girls revival episode titled "Fall".

Alright, so I tried to stay away from speculation, but the new Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving teaser has some clues I can't pass up. I already was holding on to the belief that Rory would definitely get back together with Jess, and in the new clip, the scene that shows Luke in a tux, also briefly shows Rory with Jess. It seems to me that a wedding between Luke and Lorelai in the "Fall" episode would also lead Rory and Jess to being in the same place.

For those who need a refresher, Jess is Luke's nephew, so a reunion for a wedding would be highly likely. In the clip, Rory is shown screaming and grabbing on to Jess' jacket, so she seems very excited to see him. Luke is also shown looking on very acceptingly.

Back in April, Entertainment Weekly had the Girls on the cover with an accompanying story. The article confirmed that Luke and Lorelai were not married yet, so, to me, that meant that there was a good chance they'd get married in the revival. In August, Scott Patterson spoke to People and said about Luke's relationship with Lorelai, “I can tell you that we are together... We are together and we’re sort of figuring out our next step.” They totally figured out the next step is marriage, right? I mean, it's been eight years, Luke.

Earlier this year, Netflix revealed that Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life would feature four 90-minute episodes, each representing a season within one year of the Gilmore Girls' lives. The metaphors here are just too strong. Since the series begins with the winter episode and ends with the fall episode, I feel like the fall season represents something "final" in the revival (much, and a fall wedding fits perfectly in the Gilmore Girls aesthetic. What could be more final for Luke and Lorelai after all these years? Plus, the revival is being released right in the middle of the fall season, so it all just comes together just right, like a perfect pre-Christmas treat.

The fact that Luke's nephew was in attendance at an event that required Luke to wear a tuxedo leads me to believe that they get married and live happily ever after. Just a week before the premiere, Graham shared with TVLine of her experience filming the revival, “It was complete and utter — for me as an actor and a character — closure.”

Once again, closure in the "Fall" and final episode of the revival makes sense. It sounds like everyone involved, the cast and the fans, will get what they want.

Image: The WB