‘Gilmore Girls’ Photos May Reveal The Ending

Most promotional photos don't tend to reveal a lot of spoilers, but the recently released new Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life photos are labeled by season in the official press materials. Since each episode is titled after a season of the year, this allows us to put together a general idea of what the Netflix season will look like. Most importantly, it could give us clues about how Gilmore Girls ends.

The four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life begin with "Winter," which makes the official order "Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall" — like the Carole King song "You've Got A Friend." Incidentally, the next lyric in that song is "all you have to do is call," which is very similar to a lyric in "Where You Lead," the Gilmore Girls theme song that was also written and performed by Carole King.

This is all just conjecture, in the event that any of these photos has been accidentally mislabeled. However, the fashion choices and all-around Stars Hollow decor in each image tends to fit the season. Some of these pictures have been seen before, and others are brand new. With this new information, all it takes to start imagining the new episodes of Gilmore Girls is to, in true Rory Gilmore and Paris Gellar style, make a list! Without further ado, here are all of the available press photos grouped by episode.


From these, I can guess that Lorelai's taste in hats has not improved, but Friday Dinners are back on almost as soon as the episode gets started — if they ever ended in the first place. Plus, Luke is in attendance at Emily's, which is an excellent sign. I also like that Luke has coffee takeout cups now that match the ones that dominated Instagram a while back.


Is Rory a teacher, or just visiting Chilton? What does the fact that the class is studying Jane Eyre have to say about the state of Rory's love life? It looks like "Spring" is a pretty big episode. Luke and Lorelai go to a movie on one night, and a Stars Hollow town hall meeting another night. There's also a festival (though, I wouldn't be surprised if every episode had at least one festival).


I want to talk for approximately 97 hours about Rory's "summer look", but this is the big Stars Hollow Musical episode. I'm curious as to why this cemetery visit is so late in the season. Is it an anniversary? His birthday? A stone unveiling?


Everyone's sitting at tables in fall. Luke's sporting the same outfit he is in the previous episode, but knowing Luke, that isn't too surprising. Not only is the fact that the first look at Jess in the revival is from the series finale major in terms of 'shipping, but does that last photo of Rory and Lorelai not scream final four words, much? Looking at these pictures, I'm not sure I can say much about how the series ends (except that JESS IS PRESENT AND READY TO BE ENDGAME, WOOHOO), but it is pretty cool to start to look at the overall arc. Also, just looking at the Gilmore Girls again feels like home, and I can't wait until I get to sit down with the whole thing in November.

Images: Saeed Adyani (13), Neil Jacobs (2), Robert Voets/Netflix