See Essence's Girls Just Want To Have Fun Set

Are you sick of the typical holiday collection filler with mega-sparkles and unconventional products? Well, then Essence's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Collection is for you. Instead of coming out with products that only work for one season, Essence created a kit that will work all year 'round. If you're wondering what's in the collection, prepare to be excited. It's got every staple that you could possibly need.

This holiday season has been filled with bright gold lip gloss, huge everything vaults and unconventional lip colors. Thankfully, Essence Cosmetics just launched something that's perfect for anyone on your holiday shopping list. The company created their Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Collection with wearability in mind. It's packed with tons of rosy hues that you're going to instantly love.

The new launch includes a new highlighter, blush, three lipsticks, and a lip scrub. Basically, all the staples you could possibly need. The colors are all in the pink family and look great on a variety of different skin tones. The only downfall is that you aren't able to buy the collection all together. You'll have to purchase all the items on your wish list separately. On the plus side, the entire collection is available on the Essence site right now.

All the items are completely affordable too. There's nothing over $4 in the line. That's pretty incredible, if you ask me. Here's the entire list of new items, so you can shop accordingly.

1. Highlighter

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Highlight, $4, Essence Makeup

Look at that adorable print on the product! It's so simple but absolutely adorable.

2. Lip Scrub

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Lip Scrub, $3, Essence Makeup

Lip scrub in a stick is my favorite type of lip scrub.

3. We Are Young

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Lipstick in We Are Young, $3, Essence Makeup

This salmon color is perfect for all year 'round.

4. Barbie Girl

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Lipstick in Barbie Girl, $3, Essence Makeup

This is by far the most unconventional shade in the collection.

5. Just Me And My Girls

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Lipstick in Just Me And My Girls, $2.99, Essence Makeup

They finished the lippies off with the perfect nude shade.

6. Multicolor Blush

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Multicolor Blush, $4, Essence Makeup

Combine all the colors for a gorgeous blush or use them as shadows. Either way this is a great buy.

There's no word on whether this collection is permanent or not, so I'd head over there and shop the items while you can.

Images: EssenceCosmetics/Instagram (1), Essence Cosmetics (6)