Porsha Williams Drops A Bombshell On 'RHOA'

We've barely begun the journey into the ninth season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and already the drama is hitting critical levels of "Whoa. Did that just happen?" In the season opener, each of the housewives were shown at a major point of transition in their lives; it could be argued that Porsha Williams is on one of the most transformative journeys thus far. After revealing that she was in therapy to manage her anger, we saw her calmly deflect a dramatic fight at Kenya Moore's housewarming before leaving the party. But going through anger management is not the only big change Williams is making in her life. Bustle recently learned, thanks to an exclusive clip (watch below), that she is seriously considering starting a family. The revelation is neatly dropped into what is sure to be an intense third episode.

In an exclusive clip, Williams reveals to bestie Phaedra Parks that she is dead-set on being a mother, even if that means being a single mother. After reconnecting with an ex, Williams seems intent on having his help in conceiving, but would like to be a single parent afterwards. Naturally, Parks is all kinds of shocked. She's not so sure that Williams should go down this road if she doesn't have to and tried to discourage her. Since her early days on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Williams has always put a high premium on motherhood. But to go about it that way she's currently contemplating feels a bit rushed, right? Although you've got to admit: Williams' has admirably serious gumption about the entire matter.

Williams' revelation isn't the only juicy tidbit to occur in on the next episode, set to air on Sunday Nov. 20. Viewers can also expect to see Moore and boyfriend Matt Jordan making a go of their renewed relationship and taking a road trip together so that Moore can meet Jordan's family. Some of our favorite couples are also going through big highs and lows. Sherée Whitfield will get seriously wooed by ex-husband Bob Whitfield in an attempt to bring her back into his life. Meanwhile, Cynthia Bailey worries that the fallout of her divorce from Peter Thomas will leave them on less-than-pleasant terms. If this is where the third season is taking us, what could possibly be in store for viewers further down the road?

The way executive producer Steven Weinstock tells it, the biggest shockers are yet to come. Coy in revealing big details, Weinstock did state that, "Kandi's daughter's father, renowned Atlanta music producer Block Spencer, returns to make an attempt at "co-parenting” Riley – leaving Kandi with a difficult decision, following years of animosity with Block over broken promises." Watching bits of Burruss' fight unfold in the Season 9 trailer was heart-wrenching. This storyline may just be the hardest to watch, if only because Burruss is such a beloved figure on the show.

Additionally, Weinstock stated that, "[a]fter holding each other’s most personal secrets in check for years, despite damaged friendships, Kandi, Phaedra and Porsha finally reveal the most private details about each other." That definitely explains what Parks was referring to in her interview with Bustle, where she told us that some major, major drama was brewing that would really change the group dynamic among the housewives.

Perhaps most tantalizing, though, was this tease: "The dramatic truth behind Shereé and Bob’s turbulent marriage comes out during a couples trip in the paradise they once honeymooned – upending the trip for their friends and travel companions." If Whitfield is beginning to woo Sherée in Sunday's upcoming episode, then this bombshell will definitely cause some big upheavals. Will true love prevail? Or will the truth be too much to handle? The drama is too real, people. Too. Real.

What are all of these secrets and shockers? Why have they been hidden for all these years? I know one thing: my appetite has been thoroughly whetted in anticipation for the drama that's about to unfold this season.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8pm ET/PT on Bravo

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