Kylie Cosmetics Brushes Are A Thing Now, & They're Here Just In Time For The Holiday Gifting Season — PHOTO

Is there anything Kylie Jenner can't do? The cosmetics mogul has accomplished more before her 20th birthday than a lot of people have in their entire lives. Her new Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection is no exception to that rule, but it turns out Jenner's also launching Kylie Cosmetics makeup brushes.

That's right, after her wildly popular lip kits launched an empire, Jenner is finally venturing into the makeup tools space with the launch of her first set of makeup brushes. She announced the new launch as part of her Snapchat reveal of the Kylie Cosmetics holiday edition, a set of new and limited edition products that are launching just in time for holiday shopping. Trust me, if you're a Kylie Jenner fan, you're going to want to tell everyone shopping for presents to be extra prepared when this collection launches on Monday, Nov. 21.

The item I'm predicting will be the fastest to sell out? Jenner's new makeup brushes. She revealed them on her Snapchat while showing the new Kyshadow holiday edition palette, and although she didn't offer any details beyond a photo, I'm already so excited for this new venture from Jenner. Here's what the new brushes look like.

From what I can tell, these are exclusively eye brushes, which makes sense considering she showed them alongside her new Kyshadow palette. There's five new brushes, and from what I can tell of the shapes, they're all designed for different eye makeup purposes. It looks like there's a flat brush for depositing color, an angled one for making crisp lines, a small brush for smudging and a couple fluffier brushes for blending. I love that the brushes are black and white, too. Unlike typical black-on-black or black-on-brown makeup brushes, they're a little more chic and minimalist.

If you've been looking for a new set of brushes, it looks like this is a great time to pick them up. And the best part? Kylie Cosmetics will be offering free shipping Nov. 21 for the launch. Mark those calendars now.

Image: @kyliecosmetics/Instagram; kylizzlemynizzle/Snapchat