Justin Bieber Booed At Juno Awards Because Canadians Don’t Like Him Either — VIDEO

Bad news for anyone who wants Justin Bieber deported back to Canada — they don't want him either. Justin Bieber was booed at the Juno Awards, Canada's music awards, on Sunday night when his name was announced for the Fan Choice Award. Bieber didn't attend the awards, so it's unclear if he was booed because he wasn't there — What? He had to go party or something? Booooo! — or because he makes a bad name for an entire country.

Bieber won the Juno Fan Choice Award for the fourth year in a row, but this year when his name was announced he was no where to be found and loud boos were heard from the crowd. In a video of the incident, it sounds like half the crowd started to cheer and then someone realized, "Hey! We should totally boo him" and the negativity really caught on. Canada's gold medal-winning women's curling team, who presented the award, accepted on his behalf. 'Cause, ya know, Bieber and curling are the perfect pairing.

A couple of fellow award recipients defended Bieber during the event. Singer Serena Ryder said in her acceptance speech for the Songwriter of the Year award, "I really think that Justin Bieber is an amazing musician and he deserved every bit of that award because he's been working his ass off his entire life and we need to support how awesome he is."


Tegan, of the duo Tegan and Sara who won Group of the Year, said backstage,

I think that Justin Bieber is actually a very talented artist and I think a lot of people just like to pile on and sort of make fun of him, but we have to remember that he has a mom and a dad and a grandma and a grandpa and he’s actually really talented. He’s been famous since he was a little kid. He’s made some mistakes, but God knows Sara and I have made actually way worse mistakes when we were teenagers and we weren’t famous.

She added that the boos were "not very Canadian."

Bieber himself thanked fans for the award on Twitter.

It does seem petty to boo Justin Bieber at an awards show that he isn't attending. I can definitely see wanting one of the other musicians to win, but this was a fan choice award. Doesn't everyone know that Beliebers are like a cult?

Bieber gets it: