Lessons About Sisterhood From The Tanner Girls

I think it's safe to say that — at one point or another — we all wished that we were a part of the Tanner family. Even without taking Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Uncle Joey into consideration, growing up alongside D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner would have been an adventure all its own. Despite the expected sibling rivalries, the Tanner sisters always had each other's backs, came up with the best schemes, and accepted one another, even when they disagreed. They were the sisters you never had — or the perfect definition of what your relationship with your sister (or sisters) is at its best. Basically, the Tanner sisters taught us all about sisterhood.

Whether you're the youngest sibling, oldest sibling, or suffering from middle child syndrome, growing up with a sister is certainly worth all the baggage. Yes, they may steal your clothes, go through your stuff, or even take control when parents aren't around, but sisters are forever. And, through their ups and downs, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle always stuck together. In fact, they shared a special bond that they could have never form with friends alone (sorry, Kimmy). Here are some of the most important lessons that Full House has taught us over the years when it comes to sisterhood.

1. Sisters Make The Perfect Partners In Crime

D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle got into a decent amount of trouble throughout their time in the Tanner house. When D.J. and Stephanie got into a fight and accidentally broke a hole through their bedroom wall, Michelle was there to cover for them. When D.J. decided to move out of the house, Stephanie didn't tattle on her. They have covered for each other and teamed up for the craziest schemes over the years. If that doesn't make having a sister worth it, I don't know what does.

2. No One Understands You Better Than Your Sister

Having a sister closer to your age beats any relationship you could possibly have with someone much older. In the episode where Stephanie loses Mr. Bear, her younger sister Michelle is able to understand how she feels. In the episode where Stephanie is upset over not having her mom at the Honeybee mother-daughter sleepover, only D.J. can really understand what it's like to be in her shoes. Your sister can really see things from your perspective.

3. Sisters Are Friends That Never Leave

A sister is a 24/7 playmate. Whether you like it or not, D.J. was there to give her younger sisters makeovers, and Michelle and Stephanie always planned the perfect tea parties. If friends weren't around, these sisters always had each other. And, when socializing got tough, they were each other's main sources of entertainment.

4. Sisters Can Entertain Even Your Wackiest Of Ideas

There's nothing more fun than dragging your sisters into your crazy schemes. If you're going through some kind of phase, odds are that your sister will be going through it too — or that she'll at least respect what's important to you in that moment. In the Season 5 episode "Sisters In Crime," the Tanner sisters even go so far as to lie and attend D.J.'s date with her. Because that's what sisters are for.

5. You Go Through All Of Your Struggles Together

Aside from never actually being alone, sisters make the perfect sounding boards when all you need is a good vent session. When the Tanner sisters felt uncomfortable confiding in a parent over boy troubles or problems at school, they confided in one another. Sometimes talking to your sister can solve a problem before it's Dad's turn to step in.

6. Sisters Can Let You Get Away With Anything

Having an older sister often means that there are times where she's in charge. A big sister can be your loophole for eating junk food, staying up later, and negotiating deals on who gets which side of the bedroom. Stephanie and Michelle know how to work with their older sister D.J. all too well.

7. Sisters Can Pick You Up When You're Down

In the Season 3 episode, "The Greatest Birthday on Earth," Stephanie goes out of her way to make sure that Michelle has the best birthday ever when they get locked in a garage — and that's just one of the times that a Tanner sister made it her job to cheer up another one. These girls went above and beyond to put a smile on each other's faces.

8. Sisters Have Seen You At Your Worst

Sometimes the Tanner sisters were straight-up annoying. A lonely Michelle almost never took "no" for an answer. There was even a time when Michelle wouldn't stop copying everything Stephanie said. Sisters have seen your tantrums, your breakdowns, and your failures. And they still love you after all of it.

9. Sisters Support You At Your Best

But sisters can also be your biggest champions. Despite a tendency to point out your flaws, your sister is always the most proud of you. When Stephanie's band had a gig, you'd better believe that D.J. and Michelle were there to cheer her and her friends on.

10. Sisters Can See Right Through You

If something's up, your sister is going to confront you about it. In the Season 4 episode, "Shape Up," Stephanie is the first person to suspect that D.J. is struggling with her body image. Stephanie keeps D.J.'s diet a secret from their parents, but D.J. can't keep it a secret from Stephanie in the first place. Sisters pick up on everything.

11. There's No Such Thing As Keeping Secrets

D.J. and Stephanie shared a room while growing up, so privacy wasn't much of thing. When it came to finding out information, the Tanners couldn't keep secrets. If one sister heard something, she would tell the other. Those were just the rules of living and growing up together.

12. Sisters Can Be Life's Greatest Teachers

Being the older sister or the younger sister doesn't really matter when it comes to learning about life. While D.J. set the boyfriend standard with her relationship for Steve, Stephanie taught D.J. how to be a friend to Kimmy through her own struggles with fitting in. And, as for Michelle, she taught both D.J. and Stephanie to be unapologetically themselves.

13. You're A Part Of The Same, Weird Family

D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle are always going to be bonded by their memories of growing up in the same house with the same people and the same environment. They lived through Uncle Joey's corny jokes, they were a part of the same family band, and none of them batted an eye when Michelle "married" Steve or Stephanie married her best friend. Nobody can take memories like those away from a group of sisters.

And even with Michelle out of the picture in Fuller House, the sisterly Tanner sisterly love continues to this very day.

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