Here's Why Kylie Skipped The 2016 AMAs Red Carpet

What a difference a year makes! Kylie Jenner wore chains and leather to the 2015 American Music Awards. It was a super sexy and majorly glam presentation. Fast-forward 12 months and Kylie Jenner's 2016 AMAs outfit didn't even happen. Wait, what? WTF? The always-visible reality star and style influencer skipped the red carpet and the ceremony all together... but for a very important reason. Actually, make that two very important reasons. Why did Kylie Jenner ditch the 2016 AMAs, despite initially planning to attend?

The makeup mogul, who is gearing up for the thrilling launch of her Kylie Cosmetics 2016 Holiday Edition suite of products on Monday, Nov. 21, missed the prize-giving since her dog Bambi gave birth to two puppies. Jenner tweeted that she changed her plans since she is taking care of the newborns! Aw, how sweet. Jenner also confirmed via Twitter that she will be keeping both offspring.

I admit that I was bummed that Jenner didn't turn up, since she is always one of the most anticipated starlets to set a well-heeled foot onto a red carpet. She is also one of the most fashion-forward women of her generation. But her newly-expanded canine family came first, rightfully so.

Below is here tweet confirming her absence at the AMAs.

Congrats, Mama Kylie.

She's busy but clearly stoked about the additions to her canine family.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We can instead remember last year's dominatrix-like, super sexy ensemble. Somewhere in her kloset, an unworn dress hangs... its dreams of being worn to the AMAs dashed.