Issa Gets "Real AF" With Lawrence On 'Insecure'

Well, the inevitable happened on Insecure. Issa couldn't possibly keep her hookup with Daniel a secret forever, especially now that Lawrence seems like he's getting serious about life, considering moving forward with a new job and maybe even getting engaged. And after she thought the relationship was finally in safe territory and got a major win with her Baldwin Hills fundraising efforts, Issa confesses to Lawrence that she slept with Daniel, and Lawrence, as she expected, doesn't take it very well. He gets incredibly upset, storms out, and there's a chance he won't be back.

The reason Issa is forced into a confession? The one thing that the self-centered Insecure protagonist never considered — Daniel was emotionally invested in their hookup. And he's so offended by the way that she pushes him off, calling him nothing more than an "itch [she] needed to scratch," that he storms out of the fundraiser, sending Lawrence into detective mode. And once Lawrence finds Issa's phone with some incriminating texts, it's all over.

But while Lawrence has finally started on his path to growing (and glo'ing) up, that doesn't erase the relationship's issues. Communication has never been worse between these two, and no amount of real-bacon breakfasts or high paychecks was going to change that. Take, for example, not just Issa's attempt to keep her infidelity secret, but also Lawrence's instinct to turn down his newly acquired job because he's chasing some perceived better opportunity. Will he ever learn to commit to a single task? And will Issa ever learn the same thing about her relationship?

And I am disappointed in Molly yet again — new hair, same limited attitude. Just like she couldn't take Jered seriously after she found out about his same-sex hookup, she similarly lashes out when an Asian teacher who Issa works with approaches her. Sure, he's a little corny, but acting so disrespectfully by calling him "Jackie Chan" and passive-aggressively pretending that she's not drinking all night is exactly what keeps getting Molly into these spiraling non-relationships.

Once Issa attempts to get Molly to pay attention to her issues, another disastrous late night on Jered's doorstep ends in another failure to communicate and heading home alone.

Both friends have never been lower. And while they weren't able to get through to one another, hopefully, Molly and Issa can finally help each other get out of their self-destructive patterns. Insecure might have started with the illusion that these two women have it all together, but "Real as F**k" has completely broken them down and laid their biggest issues on the table.

Images: Anne Marie Fox/HBO; Giphy