How To Contact GOP Leadership About Bannon

For many people opposed to the election of Donald Trump, the past week has been emotionally overwhelming. It's not just that Trump is now our president-elect, but a number of his cabinet appointees suggest things do not bode well for women and minorities under his tenure. However, there are actions we can take moving forward to build the country we want to live in, which is why knowing how to contact GOP leadership about Steve Bannon is a crucial step in taking action.

It speaks volumes that when Trump announced Bannon as chief White House strategist, the groups that appeared to be some of his most vocal supporters were from the Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi Party, both of which expressed excitement at the appointment of the former chairman of Breitbart News to the White House.

At this point, I believe the action of calling for Trump to replace Bannon with someone else is no longer a partisan issue, but an issue of political integrity and standing against bigotry. Even the traditionally conservative pundit Glenn Beck spoke out against Bannon in his broadcast on Monday, at one point saying that, "Bannon has a clear tie to white nationalists — clear tie."

When we've reached an impasse where Beck is speaking against the ethics of Trump's White House cabinet picks, I believe it is safe to say it's fully transcended issues of party differences. Luckily, the whole point of democracy is the involvement of the people, and now is the time to make the phone calls, write the letters, sign the petitions and send emails to our representatives that will be counted.

In order to contact the GOP Party about Bannon and opposition to his place in the White House, there are a few options. First off, you can write an email to the Republican National Committee directly by emailing your concerns to

You can also call the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) at (202) 479-7000 to express your opposition to Bannon. But wait, there are more options! You can also get more specific and enter your area code to find your local representative in order to call them about your opposition to Bannon's position in the White House. If you're feeling nervous about chatting on the phone in general, have no fear. There are plenty of helpful examples of what you could say to the NRCC phone operator or your local representative:

Also, it's helpful to remember when making phone calls that you are not required to specify which party you're registered with or regularly vote for. So if you are a third-party voter or a Democrat calling into the GOP, expressing concerns in a bipartisan manner may prove even more effective. Godspeed.