KathleenLight's KL Polish Will Be Here Soon

After teasing her fans for months about her own beauty line, the big reveal is finally here. Kathleen Fuentes, a.k.a. KathleenLights, just gave us all the info about her nail line, and it will get you excited to shop. When can you buy KL Polish? Get those wallets ready, because the information that you've been waiting for is finally here.

Fuentes nail products will be available for purchase on the KL Polish site on Dec. 5.

That's means that you can add these items to your holiday wish list, which is pretty exciting, if you ask me. The six colors are perfect for fall and winter too. The YouTuber has been teasing these shades for a while now. She's uploaded sneak peeks to her Instagram and even put up polls asking what her fans want to see out of the line.

You don't have to wait until Dec. to make sure you get the items though. As of Nov. 18 at 12pm EST, you'll be able to pre-order all six of the colors on the KL Polish site. Each one will be $8.50. Something tells me that these shades will be selling out fast too, so you should probably reserve them just to make sure you get your favorites.

So far the YouTuber has teased six different colors — Zoey, Gumption!, Snickerdoodle, Brick Sidewalk, Carmello, and Broccoli & Chocolate. That's not the only hues she has in mind either."I have something special & sparkly coming out for my birthday & people are going to be SO EXCITED when they see what it's called," Fuentes tells Bustle via email. "I'm also working on a new line for Spring!"

All of Fuentes polishes are five-free, cruelty free, and made in the USA, according to the brand's website. Basically, they're not just gorgeous colors, but they're great for everyone.

Fuentes has over 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube, so there's no doubt in my mind that these products will sell out fast. You'll definitely want to be sitting by the computer when these items go live.

I don't know about you, but I'll be snagging all the colors as soon as I can. Because when a beauty vlogger creates their own products, you know they're going to be good. Fans are pumped about the launch as well.

This is a definite exception to the rule.

Such an exciting moment!

Triple whammy of greatness.

The support knows no continental boundaries.

Bc duh.

Needless to say, people are loving these polishes already!

Images: Courtesy KL Polish