12 Friendsgiving Dessert Ideas That Are Perfect For Any Seasonal Gatherings

If you're planning on enjoying a Friendsgiving dinner this year, you can't forget about the desserts! These 12 delicious Friendsgiving dessert ideas are great options if you're looking for something special to share with your closest companions after the group finishes feasting on turkey, stuffing, and the like. From "Crack Pie" to Black Forrest Cheesecake Cookies, these sweet treats will have you wanting to skip the turkey and head straight to the dessert table.

Friendsgiving celebrations usually consist of a potluck-style menu, which means you can bring any one of these desserts without having to worry about sticking to a specific theme. While you could always go pick up a store-bought pumpkin pie, why not be a little more adventurous in the kitchen this year? These 12 recipes provide easy step-by-step instructions so that even the most unexperienced cooks, bakers, and chefs can nail down these recipes in one try.

Impress your friends this year. You love them all, so why not show it to them with a dessert that will leave them begging you for the recipe? Get to the store, get your ingredients, and then get to work... your Friendsgiving contribution will be one to remember if you make use of one of these recipes!

1. Crack Pie

There's a reason this recipe from Averie Cooks is called Crack Pie. It's that good. Inspired by NYC establishment Momofuku's own Crack Pie, this do-it-yourself recipe contains everything you'd ever want in a dessert and more. (I'm talking oat cookie, egg yolks, and heavy cream amongst other ingredients).

2. White Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Spice Oreos

Don't have a lot of confidence in your baking skills? This recipe from Bake Love Give lets you cheat a little by using pre-made Oreo cookies as a base for your dessert. White Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Spice Oreos are a great solution for the novice baker.

3. Apple Cinnamon Blondies

Take Blondies in a new and exciting direction with this Apple Cinnamon Blondies recipe from Baked by Rachel. Apples are the ultimate fall fruit, and I think your friends will agree when you feed them these goodies.

4. Strawberry Pretzel Salad

Though it's called Strawberry Pretzel Salad, this recipe by Brown Eyed Baker is the furthest thing from a plate of greens I've ever seen... and I want it that way! Treat your friends to some of this dessert salad this Friendsgiving.

5. Chai Whipped Cream

If you know someone in your group is bringing ice cream or coffee, then this Chai Whipped Cream by Bru Crew Life is the perfect accompaniment. It's also pretty simple to make — just pull out the spices!

6. Black Forrest Cheesecake Cookies

What's better: cheesecake or cookies? If you can't decide, don't worry, because you don't have to thanks to Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. She has you covered on both fronts with her Black Forrest Cheesecake Cookies. Amazing, right?

7. Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding

What's a Friendsgiving dessert table without some pumpkin? This Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding recipe by Deliciously Yum knows what I'm talking about. It takes a unique stab at a classic dessert, and I'm obsessed with it.

8. Chinese Almond Cookies

They're buttery, they're crisp, and they're full of almond flavor. They're Dessert Now Dinner Later's Chinese Almond Cookies. They're also ridiculously cute with that almond center piece, right?

9. Lemon Blackberry Tart

There's something about a tart that just makes one feel like they're sitting beside the River Seine in Paris. These Lemon Blackberry Tarts by Hummingbird High are no exception, and I think your friends will agree.

10. Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

Never had a creamsicle cupcake before in your life? You're missing out, big time. Thank goodness My Baking Addiction has an easy to follow Orange Creamsicle Cupcake recipe for you. Enjoy!

11. Walnut And Cinnamon Babka

Mmm, the thought of a warm, freshly baked Babka is making me drool just thinking about it. This Walnut and Cinnamon Babka by Simmer & Boyle is extra festive, and your friends will be impressed with how beautifully it's rolled!

12. Butterscotch Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without pie, and this Butterscotch Pecan Pie recipe from Something Swanky fits the bill perfectly. This recipe uses butterscotch chips and chopped pecans as two of its main ingredients, and it's so deliciously sweet you'll have trouble putting your fork down.

Images: Hummingbird High; Averie Cooks; Bake Love Give; Baked By Rachel; Brown-Eyed Baker; BruCrew Life; Confessions Of a Cookbook Queen; Deliciously Yum; Dessert Now Dinner Later; My Baking Addiction; Simmer & Boyle; Something Swanky