13 Ways To Celebrate Friendsgiving On Zoom This Year

Even Friendsgiving is getting a makeover thanks to the pandemic.

by Lauren Grant
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Friendsgiving, aka the feast of friends right around Thanksgiving time, is getting a makeover this year. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work, attend birthday parties, and get together with friends for happy hour. While Friendsgiving is no exception to these changing times, it can still be a day to stuff your face with your friends — virtually, that is.

Thanksgiving has always been special for more than just the food (though, that is the best part). As it’s a time to reflect on what we’re most appreciative for, celebrating with friends comes to the forefront. COVID-19 has helped in producing multiple ways to hang with our friends, and now it’s forcing us to get creative with the holidays. Whether you’re exchanging your grandmother’s signature recipe or rounding up the troops for a virtual movie night, there’s definitely something to make this Friendsgiving one for the books.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends keeping Thanksgiving celebrations small this year, preferably only with the people that are in your household. Luckily, we’ve mastered the art of hanging out without having to physically see one another by now, but if you’re at a loss for how to make your Friendsgiving one to remember this year, check out the ideas below.

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1. Switch Up The Potluck

The best part of any gathering is obviously the food and when you trust the people making it. Obviously since you can’t be with your friends in person, having a virtual potluck is the next best thing. Make a unique dish inspired by a family tradition or whatever recipe catches your eye on Pinterest and have everyone share the story behind the dish to break the ice and get the conversation rolling.

2. Friendsgiving Icebreakers

The joy of Friendsgiving is that you sometimes meet new friends. If you’ve got any shy friends in your circle, start off with an icebreaker.

3. A New Wishbone Tradition

Traditionally you break the turkey wishbone with another person and whoever has the bigger side gets good luck. Since we can’t do that this year, you can create a new wishbone breaking tradition. Have everyone hold up their wishbones on camera, choose a winning hand (the larger part of the wishbone should be in this hand in order to win), break at the same time, and whoever loses has to plan next year’s Friendsgiving.

4. Cook Together

Many of us already do this when we’re fixing a late-night sandwich while talking with our best friend about the latest episode of The Bachelorette, but break out the laptop and go through your Thanksgiving cooking routine with the sight (and maybe help) of some friendly faces.

5. Virtual Game Time

No virtual event in 2020 is complete without a game of some sort. Sure, Cards Against Humanity and Jackbox have a lot to offer, but never underestimate the power of something old-fashioned like Bingo. You can download Thanksgiving themed Bingo cards or create your own that is unique to your friends circle.

6. The Thankful Game

Now we can’t forget the actual reason for the holiday. Popcorn-style telling stories about a time when you were thankful for one of your friends will light up the chat and is bound to make everyone feel a little nostalgic.

7. Watch A Holiday Flick

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With the creation of Teleparty, watching shows and movies with loved ones is easy, fun and remote. Check out what’s coming to Netflix this month and sit back and relax from the comfort of your own home.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Another game time throwback, a virtual scavenger hunt is fun and easy. The first to find all the clues gets to pick the holiday movie to watch. Need help creating a scavenger list? Check some out here.

9. Play A Drinking Game

It's usually not a holiday unless there is some booze involved. This fun Thanksgiving drinking game is bound to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

10. Set A Dress Code

One way to spice up your virtual Friendsgiving is by setting a dress code. Have everyone dawn their best Turkey Day robes (or set a theme) and have a virtual photoshoot.

11. Arts & Crafts

Creativity always brings people together. Break out the markers and paints and see who can create the most unique hand turkey. If old-fashioned turkeys aren’t your thing, check out these other crafty ideas.

12. Create A Holiday Playlist

Craft a feel-good music playlist composed of suggestions and faves from everyone in your virtual Friendsgiving party. Jam out to your collective playlist while putting up your holiday decorations.

13. Decorate For Christmas

The end of Thanksgiving always ushers in the beginning of Christmas. If your Friendsgiving party has a few straddlers, have everyone begin decorating for the next holiday and get ready for the next virtual fiesta.