Your Coffee Machine Can Make Lunch, Too

And now for your weird food news of the day: Thanks to a partnership between Keurig and Campbell's Soup, your coffee maker can now provide you with more than your morning cup of joe – it can make you lunch, too.

According to a press release on Keurig’s website, Campbell’s is currently working on a bunch of soup-in-a-pod creations they’re calling Fresh-Brewed Soup. It’ll work the same way regular Keurig K-Cups do — put in a pod, add water, turn the thing on, and BAM, hot, flavored liquid — but instead of dispensing your caffeinated beverage of choice, it will result in a cup of savory broth. These little Fresh-Brewed Soup kits will also include a packet of dry pasta and a veggie blend garnish, essentially making them a fancier version of Top Ramen. No word on when they'll drop yet, but apparently it will be "soon." Whatever that means.

I’m not a huge fan of the Keurig — for all its ingenuity, it seems horribly cost inefficient — but moving it beyond cups of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate ups its game considerably. Packing soup for lunch is a heck of a lot easier if your chicken noodle is of the dehydrated variety, and I’m sure that for a lot of people who keep Keurigs in their cubicles, Fresh-Brewed Soup will probably be a boon. Just don’t, y’know, try to put the noodles in the machine’s water tank. It’ll only end in tears.

Image: Campbell's / Keurig