Nicole Richie's New Show on Vh1 Sounds Even Better Than 'The Simple Life'

Her haircut, among other things, has vastly improved since her stint with ex-bff and now irrelevant socialite Paris Hilton on The Simple Life, and now, Nicole Richie is getting her own show on VH1 this summer. #CandidlyNicole (how would you say this outloud? Is the hashtag silent?), will get 8 half hour episodes on VH1 starting on June 17, and will be based on Richie's Twitter feed. For the record, if there are any life goals I have, it's that someone will turn my Twitter feed into a television show. Apparently, it was "Nicole’s sharp, acerbic sense of humor and broad audience appeal" that made the show a success to move from a web series on AOL to VH1.

On The Simple Life, Richie was the hilarious, biting and much ballsier wingwoman to Hilton's ditzy frontwoman. Lest ye forget, Richie once stuck her entire arm up a cow's rear end. Since the show ended in 2007, Richie has changed her life tenfold—she married Good Charlotte, she had adorable children, and she started House of Harlow 1960, a line of incredible oversized sunglasses and now clothes for cute, tiny people like herself.

So what's in store for #CandidlyNicole? It IS a show based on her Twitter, which has more than 4 million followers and includes stunning gems like "I'd rather get a colonic in front of everyone than parallel park in front of anyone." The AOL webshow that the VH1 show will in turn be based on has some beautiful moments, like Richie visiting a doctor to get her tramp stamp removed.

So what do we hope for for the VH1 series? Deadline says Nicole will share her "unique point of view and earnest look at pop culture as well as her fearless exploration of anything and everything taboo" and also somehow "detail her daily adventures and give insight into her decisions on style, relationships, her work life and her journey to adulthood."

Seems dubious... but we think #CandidlyNicole will take a more genuine approach to Richie's very strange life. I'm glad she has maintained her crass and limitless sense of humor even after becoming a mom, but she's also become a Boss Lady in the fashion industry. What's this journey into adulthood that she's talking about? Does she mean she's still journeying there? She seems to be doing pretty well for herself for 33, but maybe she still feels young at heart. Hopefully the show WILL be candid and more authentic than The Simple Life, which was hilarious and surreal and so painfully staged. Will you ever forget this? Don't you dare.

Congrats on the new show, Nicole. We will be watching.