Taylor Swift Sends Her Love To Gigi Hadid

by Allie Gemmill

Should I even be surprised that Taylor Swift is wishing Gigi Hadid good luck ahead of her hosting the American Music Awards? Nope, not one bit. Does that make me any less excited that it's happening? Heck no, y'all. Swift took a hot sec out of her Sunday night relaxing to wish her bestie all the luck in the world and to celebrate Hadid's successes as she prepared for her first hosting gig. The 1989 singer, notably absent from the AMAs proceedings, chose to focus the spotlight firmly on Hadid. Solid move, Swift. Very solid move.

"This BABE is about to host AMAs with the amazing Jay Pharoah. Watch!!" wrote the singer as time marched onwards to the show actually kicking off. The picture was a straight throwback to a fun, candid moment between the friends. Hadid was pictured in a scout's uniform, absolutely cheesing for the cameras. Swift, I'm sure, was just snapping away and having the time of her life; it's no surprise that she chose such a happy moment to re-highlight to celebrate her friend's big moment.

In the first half of the awards show, Hadid absolutely nailed her opening monologue with co-host Jay Pharoah. Taking sly comic shots at Meek Mill, Melania Trump, and the electoral college, Hadid definitely did herself, and Swift, proud by knocking it out of the park.

Swift chose to keep it low-key this year, staying home instead of rocking the red carpet. This marks yet another major event in 2016 that she hasn't attended, drawing even more attention to the fact that her only big outing in 2016 was performing at the Grand Prix. Will Swift get back in the public eye in a more prominent fashion in the coming months? I can only hope so, because, good golly, I miss that pop star queen like you wouldn't believe.