Lady Gaga's AMAs Performance Outfit Was Low-Key

We have really and truly entered a new phrase for Lady Gaga and her fashions. The outrageous and impractical meat and flying dresses that she favored earlier in the decade have been replaced by surprisingly normal ensembles in this, the Joanne era. Gaga wore a chic white pantsuit that was possibly inspired by Hillary Clinton on the red carpet. Lady Gaga's 2016 AMAs performance outfit was totally different from her red carpet ensemble. But it was as quietly chic and, dare I say, "normal?" Gaga performed the ballad "Million Reasons" while barefoot and strumming a guitar rather than while dancing in heels. Her blonde locks tumbled in loose waves all the way down her front and she was decked out in a black leather dress that looked laser cut and studded. It was anything but outrageous but I still loved it.

Gaga's take on the leather LBD was surprisingly subtle and low-key. But she looked beautiful and the simplicity of her frock allowed the viewer to focus wholly on the song and her music.

It's not often that see Gaga ditch her towering, skyscraper platform heels in favor of bare feet, either. But she made it work.

Are you ready to see Gaga rock a leather LBD without any crazy accoutrements? Hell yes you are! Take a look.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Simple is good.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even for Gaga!


Here is here red carpet attire for reference and contrast.