Stars Hollow Has A Secret Bar In 'Gilmore Girls'

Just when you thought you knew everything about Stars Hollow, the Connecticut hamlet has a few surprises in the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival. There's a secret bar on Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life , which seems fitting for a town with such a vintage appeal. Of course their speakeasy is legit. I'm surprised that there's no password. There are mild spoilers for Gilmore Girls ahead.

How long have they had such an establishment? The bar was first mentioned in "Spring," during a town hall meeting. Everyone wanted to keep it hidden from Taylor Doose, who is apparently the only person in Stars Hollow for whom the secret bar is secret. That comes into practice in "Summer," where Lorelai and Michel meet up for a drink after work. When Taylor approaches, they shut down and hide. Other than that, it's a pretty classy establishment. Lane and Zach also play the secret bar as a duo.

This isn't the only social hangout location in Stars Hollow. There's the arcade, where Dean used to hang out to escape married life, and the infamous karaoke bar from Season 7. However, this is new and different for Gilmore Girls. Also, it's cool that the whole town has a secret from Taylor. The secret bar is Stars Hollow is a good addition to the town and feels like it has been around for a while, even if it's brand new.

Image: Neil Jacobs/Netflix