All The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Easter Eggs

It's here, it's here! On Nov. 25, the Gilmore Girls revival hit Netflix in all its four-episode glory. From the very first few minutes of the first episode it was clear to fans watching that, though several years had passed, things in Stars Hollow were still refreshingly familiar. So much so that easter eggs and references in the revival to the original Gilmore Girls series were popping up every few scenes. From clothing callbacks (that pink coat of Lorelai's will always be in my dream wardrobe) to mentions of previous season topics and trinkets, it was clear Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted to honor the original show in her revival. SPOILERS ahead.

I mean, right from the getgo she made a clever joke about how the characters always talked so fast in her series. After a lengthy monologue, Rory goes, "Wow winded," while Lorelai cleverly replies, "Haven't done that in awhile," and Rory remarks that it "feels like years." I see what was being done there. The little winks to the audience throughout the revival make it that much more fun to watch — but, since there's so much going on, it can be hard to catch everything. Don't worry, though, I've got you covered. Here are all the important easter eggs or original series references in the Netflix revival separated by episode.


The Le Chat Club Closed

Often seen in the background of the town in the original series, Lorelai explains in the first few minutes of the premiere that the business is no longer in operation. Sad for the Le Chat owners, but a nice nod to the original town structure.

Lorelai's Pink Coat

The coat envy I had for this pink number lasted the entirety of the original series and into the revival as she's wearing it in the opening scene.

"I Smell Snow."

The classic Lorelai quote makes an appearance in the revival premiere. Nearly a decade later, but she still has a nose for snow.

The Singing Rabbi

The dancing knickknack appeared in Season 2 of the original series as a paper weight for pizza money Lorelai left out for Rory. In the premiere, Rory says a fond hello to the trinket when she first gets home.

The Photos On The Wall

The pics that fill Rory and Lorelai's bedrooms include a couple of the show's real promotional stills from the original series.

Luke's No Cell Phones Sign

He's still anti-communication while at his diner. He even expanded his prohibitation list to include texting and man-buns.

The Jeep

It's been years, but Lorelai won't let go of her jeep. It survived being hit by a deer and it's survived the lengthy hiatus.

All The Funeral Items

As Bustle's Lindsay Denninger notes, all the items at Richard's funeral call back to earlier seasons.

Lorelai Is Filling Salt Shakers

Which is pretty normal, but when you combine it with the fact that he just got a letter from April it calls back to the time she first came by his diner and helped him fill the salt shakers.


Basket Bidding

Lorelai bids on a basket for old times sake as a nod to the time Luke was strongarmed into buying Lorelai's basket and saving her from a bad date back in Season 2.

The Cheshire Cat

When a movie films nearby Stars Hollow, Michel laments that all the big stars went to the Cheshire Cat rather than the Dragonfly. The Cheshire Cat is the bed and breakfast that Lorelai and Rory stayed in when they took that spontaneous Season 2 trip to Harvard.

A Paul Anka Dream


Just like in Season 6, Lorelai had a dream where her dog Paul Anka was replaced by the real Paul Anka.


The "Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer" Event

Taylor mentions that this event is coming up soon, and it's nice to know that the Season 3 Stars Hollow gathering is still going strong. I don't think I'll ever get that song out of my head though.

Lane's Coat

When working at her mother's store Lane dons her mother's long coat she always wore when working. Looks like she's fully embraced her mom and all her quirks.

Brad The Piano Man

Although he may be most noted for his role as the piano player in Glee, he also was the piano player for the Fiddler On The Roof play in the original Gilmore Girls series. So, it's nice to see that he's still kicking around Stars Hollow in the musical episode of the revival.

Stanley The Gravestone Man

George Anthony Bell, the man who plays the headstone salesman in the revival once played Rory's teacher at Yale in the original series.


The Multiple Door Locks

Rory has to open many locks at the Stars Hollow Gazette, which reminds me of the time she had about five on her apartment with Paris. Rory's a pro at inconvenient doors.

"Reflecting Light"

The song that Luke and Lorelai danced to as Liz and TJ's wedding makes a reapparance during the eloping scene in the revival. All the tears.

The Cornstarch

After running into Dean at Doose's, Rory picks up a box of cornstarch and laughingly shows it to him. "Pay for it this time," he replies, as a wink to the original series when he first kisses her and a shocked Rory accidentally shoplifts a box of cornstarch in her shocked state.

Miss Celine

Emily's personal stylist reappeared in the revival to help Lorelai with her wedding dress just as she helped Emily with hers in the original series.

Jess' Pocket Book

Some things never change, and that makes fans like me so happy.

Images: Saeed Adyani/Netflix; The WB (4); katygracious/Tumblr