What was Selena's Terrifying Housewarming Present?

Selena Gomez hasn't even had her new house for a month and she's already become the victim of another break-in. The last attack was two months ago, when Juan Daniel Garcia was arrested at Gomez's home, and now TMZ reports that Los Angeles police picked up another stalker last Sunday. Twenty-year-old Che Cruz knocked on Gomez's door and then hid in her guest house when told by her friend that she wasn't home. Gomez was, in fact, home at the time and heard noises that prompted her to call security before Cruz made it to the door. Cruz has been charged with burglary and kidnapping.

It seems like Gomez just can't catch a break. She just bought the house in Calabasas, Calif. shortly after Justin Bieber moved from the area and how Cruz managed to bypass security has yet to be revealed. Before Cruz was Garcia and before him was Thomas Brodnicki, who himself admitted that Gomez needed to be protected from him. There's being a fan and there's being a fanatic, and Gomez seems to be a magnet for the craziest of the fanatics. Since Gomez is the kind of celebrity who recently thanked her fans for their support with tears in her eyes, it's doubtful that this incident will put her off them any time soon.

The fact that being a celebrity means that you have a higher likelihood of people breaking into your house the moment they figure out its location is as outrageous as the fact that it can happen often enough to inspire movies like The Bling Ring. And the fact that Cruz managed to make it all the way to her front door while she was actually home is chilling, and though there's been no comment from Gomez yet, she wouldn't be blamed for needing some time to deal.