Sex or Sleep: Which Do You Prefer?

by Jaleesa Jones

The extent to which men boast about their prowess in the bedroom will never cease to amaze (and humor) me. But, for all the braggadocio, men can’t seem to convince women that sex is more satisfying than a good night’s sleep. At least that’s what a report by the Better Sleep Council seems to suggest.

Research conducted by the non-profit organization revealed that nearly 80 percent of women would rather get a good night's sleep than have sex. The study was held in the first quarter of 2012 and surveyed a statistically representative sample of 1,000 U.S. adults over the age of 18.

OK, OK, so this research has nothing to do with actual performance in bed. According to MyFOX Phoenix , a number of factors may account for these findings: “One reason may be that women do not see intimacy as valuable as sleep. Another reason may be that many of us are so sleep deprived that a good night's sleep sounds better than almost anything else.” A similar Better Sleep Council report released in 2007 seems to back this idea, noting that 72 percent of the women surveyed had trouble sleeping at least a few nights each week.

Restless or broken sleep was brought on by factors such as overstimulation before bed and worry patterns. One factor, in particular, proved incredibly disruptive: Children. So much for "bundles of joy".

Image: DavidPrado/Fotolia