'Orphan Black' Is Almost Back, so Here's an Update on Cosima & Sarah — VIDEO

Lest you were unaware, BBC America's Orphan Black is coming back for a second season on April 19. Considering that the majority of the characters are played by one single, seriously mind-bogglingly good actress by the name of Tatiana Maslany, it wouldn't be totally unheard of for a fan to get confused as to whose storyline involves what. (Though, if we're being honest, we're judging those of you who fall into this category a little bit, as Maslany's acting sometimes leads you to forget it's the same actress playing so many roles.) One thing is undoubtedly factual, though: it's going to be a tough season for our sisterhood like no other.

Thankfully, the good folks over at the network understand that — be it time, poor facial recognition skills, or just general laziness — these things happen sometimes. So they're providing us with video updates on where the clones are heading into its much-buzzed-about season two: and we've got Cosima Niehaus and Sarah Manning's clips right here for you! It's time to re-immerse yourself into the trip, man.

Though vastly different people in their own right, one thing remains consistent for all of the clones: they're currently in a fight for their life, and no one's really sure who or what is going to happen next. Danger, Will Robinson! No doubt with the DYAD and a pesky pro-clone on their tails (no, wait: the neolutionists had the guy with the tail — har har har), things are going to get way worse before they get better. April 19th just hurry up and get here already, jeez!


BBC America on YouTube


BBC America on YouTube

Image: BBC America