7 Crazy Questions for 'Orphan Black's BANANAS New Trailer

OK, Clone Club. Just breathe — try to stay calm and breathe. We know it's hard but it's for the best, because we know what you're thinking: holyshitalmightycrapasaurus what in the ever-loving hell just happened? in regards to the new Orphan Black trailer for Season 2. And we agree because whoa... was that ever a walloper. I believe we call that "blowing the door down," in the 'biz ("the 'biz" being an imaginary place I made up wherein I speak only to my desktop tschotskes). And still we have so many questions!

Because what was... and who was... and where was... and was that... and did they... and will she... and what the...? Sorry — we're getting ahead of ourselves a bit. It's just: do you even realize the magnitude of the situation considering where we left off and where we're oh-so-clearly headed (which is to say, we have no fucking idea anymore)? BBC America's little sci-fi series that could has taken the Internet and TV-watching world by storm, and this new trailer for the Tatiana Maslany fronted (...several times over) drama has us so slack-jawed that we're not even really sure we'll be able to properly use our jaws ever again. Just look at the trailer for yourself, first:

BBC America on YouTube

Right? Right? Riiiiiiight?! For a minute's worth of footage we sure are left with a lot of questions. Such as...

Where the Fuck is Kira?!

Looks like Sarah Manning's daughter is still missing — is she with Mrs. S as we all presume? And if so, does that mean Mrs. S is for or against this cloning project? Is she with DYAD or against it? And while we're at it...

What in The Hell is Project LEDA's Relationship to the DYAD Institute?

If Mrs. S was a researcher/involved, she could be just as for this whole mess as Leekie is — but something tells us its far more complicated than all that. And it probably all leads back to Kira.

And While We're At It: Can Someone Tell Us What Rachel Duncan's Trying to Achieve Here?

Is she running the show or is Leekie? And what are these heavy-handed measures she's purportedly taking?! Why is it so important that Sarah cooperates? Why is she hurting/withholding medicine from Cosima?! We already know she's going to be a huge fixture in season two, but to what end?

Will Sarah Manning Survive?

It looks like things are really not going well this season for our main clone. She is seriously scared here. What the what?! Would the series really allow Sarah to not survive?!

And What About Alison?!

Oh no, our poor gal Hendrix looks to have lost it all (and here we thought last season was her rock bottom): that much drinking cannot be good for the wits or her general well-being.

Also: Who The Fuck Is That Killer? And WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO MURDER?!

What? What?! WHAT?!


Oh my god dead, bald clone. DEAD BALD CLONE. WHO IS THE DEAD BALD CLONE?! Please don't let it be Cosima, please don't let it be Cosima, please don't let it be Cosima.

JAYSUS CHRISTO, Where the EFF is April 19th when you need it?!

Images: BBCAmerica